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678 – Web Excellence

We’re talking web sites on this week’s WELSTech, and we’re joined by WELS Web Developer, Tim Sinclair. This episode also includes information security guidelines for congregations, book recommendations, and a recap of the recent XR Festival sponsored by Christ in Media. Geeks will be especially excited by Martin’s incremental backup pick!

The discussion

Congregation Web Development – Tim Sinclair, WELS Web Developer, talks with Martin and Sallie about best practices and resources for congregation web development.

Ministry Resource

WELS General Information Security Guidelines

Pick of the week

Community news & feedback

Sallie shares highlights from the Christ in Media XR Festival, held recently at Bethany Lutheran College

Next time on WELSTech

Pastor James Behringer, Administrator for WELS Special Ministries, shares updates on prison ministry tech

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669 – Sharing Christmas Joy

WELSTech welcomes the Advent and Christmas season with 5 ways to share the good news of our Savior’s birth. Also listen for ideas for building your church bulletin, Martin’s latest hardware pick (with a wire), and tools for telling the next generation. Plus, Sallie’s go-to video editor saves the day, and we announce the Bible verse of the year!

The discussion

Go, Tell It – Martin and Sallie give you five ideas for sharing your Christmas joy.

  1. Change your Facebook profile picture and cover photo
  2. Share Advent and Christmas imagery with a verse or message
  3. Share devotional resources
  4. Share online Christmas concerts
  5. Share YouTube Christmas videos

News in tech

Computer Science Education Week – December 6-12

WELS now

Christian Worship: Service Builder webinar archive – Coming Soon.

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Picks of the week

Ministry resources

Telling the Next Generation

Community feedback

Next time

Nicole Balza, hostess of Together video updates, joins us with an update on Forward In Christ magazine.

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Image by u_gzwjc5ts from Pixabay

529 – 500 in 2017

WELSTech closes out 2017 with a look back at some of the best of this year of 500s! From ministry resources to synod convention to paper and online planning, with two very special celebration 500 celebrations, it’s been a great year for ministry and technology.

The discussion:

The best – Relive the highlights of 2017 as Martin and Sallie look back at the things we’ve learned this year!

Favorite 500 events

Favorite ministry resources

Favorite interviews

Picks of the year

Featured video:

We close out the year with Google – Year In Search 2017.

 Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 530 – Join us for a celebration of WELSTech’s 10th anniversary. Release date: Wednesday, January 3.

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Free Bible Images

Teachers of all flavors recognize the importance of having just the right image to support the lesson they are preparing. And the fact that cameras are a rather recent invention in relation to the full historic timeline limits the ability to do a quick Internet search and find the perfect photo for every lesson. This is especially true when it comes to images from Bible times, and it makes FreeBibleImages.org a highly recommended ministry resource.


The site name is self-explanatory. It exists to share all types of images of the Bible for my favorite price … FREE!! The image sets have a variety of copyrights associated with them, from public domain to creative commons by attribution and non-commercial to copyright retained and only accessible for education purposes, so read carefully and take steps to comply. It’s well worth the effort as most are provided in two aspect ratios – 4:3 and 16:9 – and in Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF and JPG formats. Something to fit all those flavors of teachers mentioned earlier!

I prepared a quick overview video to orient you to the site offerings. I’d welcome comments on how you use Free Bible Images in your ministry setting!

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Free Stock Photography from WELSTech

The WELSTech Challenge Album is a collection of 1,000+ royalty-free, high-resolution photos which were donated by WELSTech listeners for use in ministry. The album is hosted on Flickr and searchable using the term welstechphotochallenge coupled with other specific search terms. The album includes images representing all parts of the church year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Confirmation and more), school, outreach, food, and seasons of the year.


These images are helpful to any congregation, school or individual who wants to share the love of Jesus with the world using any means of communication! With the rise of visual communication, the images can be used for all types of print and web communication including web sites, e-mail, social media, bulletins, newsletters, school projects and more.

Related resources

Looking for more quality stock photography for your ministry project? Check out these free options:

Watch this video for a quick overview of the WELSTech Challenge Album.

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475 – Wall To Wall Tech … And Ministry

It’s “Community Feedback” day on WELSTech, and there is something for everyone. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the new, improved Google Sites, see Trello in action, and check out video camera recommendations. Plus, there’s DOS-prompt nostalgia, podcast recommendations, and smart light bulbs to light your way. See what everybody is talking about.

The discussion:

Last time in 2016 – Our WELSTech listeners come through again with feedback on all types of tech in ministry goodness.

News in tech:

Say goodbye to the MS-DOS command prompt

WELS now:

Christian Leadership Conference – January 6-8 in Orlando, FL

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Check out WELS Technology Projects on Trello, an example of a method of communicating project progress

Featured video:

Watch the December update from Academia Cristo and iGlesia Luterano Cristo, the newest addition on the WELSTech “Likes” list on Vimeo.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 476 – Celebrate Christmas week with a very special WELSTech episode featuring the new synod archivist, Susan Willems. Release date: Wednesday, December 21.

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461 – Taking Better Pictures

WELSTech’s 2016-17 season is underway this week as Martin and Sallie chat with photographer Naomi Green and share the latest news in tech, an upcoming streaming Bible study event from WELS, a Pinterest ministry resources (perhaps the best kind of ministry resource), picks of the week and a featured video to start the new school year. Join the conversation!

The interview and discussion:

Naomi GreenCreative imagery – Photographer Naomi Green, a member of St. Peter’s in Monticello, MN and a volunteer at West Lutheran High School, joins Martin and Sallie to share her experience, tips, equipment and software choices for taking great church and school photography.

News in tech:

Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide over battery problem

WELS now:

“What does this mean? The continuing importance of Luther’s Small Catechism” is the title of the upcoming Interactive Faith series led by Rev. John Braun. Tune in on Wednesdays at 6 or 8 pm Central beginning September 21.

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Bible Crafts for Kids on Pinterest

Featured video:

Experience the First Day of High School for freshmen at Lakeside Lutheran High School, the newest addition to WELSTech’s WELS Schools playlist video.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 462 – Continuing with the photography theme, Martin and Sallie kick off a season-long “Social Media for Ministry” focus with a deep dive into Instagram. Release date: Wednesday, September 14

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404 – Stock Options

WELSTech kicks off a new series focusing on the effective use of imagery for communication in public and personal ministry settings. This week Martin and Sallie share a lengthy collection of stock image web sites.

The discussion:

WTphotographer1 145x125Stock Up – Martin and Sallie kick off a 5-week summer series, Imagine That, with a discussion of stock image resources. Get started with a ‘short’ discussion on stock photography.

Christian Imagery

Free Stock Images

Fee-based Stock Images

Mobile Stock Images

Clip Art

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 405 – Grab your camera and join Martin and Sallie for a discussion of photography in part 2 of our summer Imagine That series. Join us Tuesday, August 11 at 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net

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