461 – Taking Better Pictures

WELSTech’s 2016-17 season is underway this week as Martin and Sallie chat with photographer Naomi Green and share the latest news in tech, an upcoming streaming Bible study event from WELS, a Pinterest ministry resources (perhaps the best kind of ministry resource), picks of the week and a featured video to start the new school year. Join the conversation!

The interview and discussion:

Naomi GreenCreative imagery – Photographer Naomi Green, a member of St. Peter’s in Monticello, MN and a volunteer at West Lutheran High School, joins Martin and Sallie to share her experience, tips, equipment and software choices for taking great church and school photography.

News in tech:

Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide over battery problem

WELS now:

“What does this mean? The continuing importance of Luther’s Small Catechism” is the title of the upcoming Interactive Faith series led by Rev. John Braun. Tune in on Wednesdays at 6 or 8 pm Central beginning September 21.

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Bible Crafts for Kids on Pinterest

Featured video:

Experience the First Day of High School for freshmen at Lakeside Lutheran High School, the newest addition to WELSTech’s WELS Schools playlist video.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 462 – Continuing with the photography theme, Martin and Sallie kick off a season-long “Social Media for Ministry” focus with a deep dive into Instagram. Release date: Wednesday, September 14

Get involved:

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