723 – Time Blocking

We’re back with another episode of WELSTech starring your handy, dandy calendar. Learn all about time blocking and how it can boost your productivity. We discuss an interactive book creation tool that looks like fun for the classroom and a simple but effective task manager which might be in your pocket right now. We also celebrate a new grandson for one of your “Awesome” WELSTech hosts!

The discussion

Work Your Calendar – Martin and Sallie discuss a key tool for productivity, your calendar. Specifically, the topic is using your calendar to set up blocks of time to focus on specific tasks you need to accomplish. Mix in a bit of self-discipline, and this method could be a ticket to more productive days!

Ministry resources

Calendar Management Wakelet

Picks of the week

Community feedback & events

The topic which never goes out of style: I need advice on my church and/or school website.

Next time

Just like that we’ve reached the end of another school year and another year of edtech discussions with Rachel and Jason. Tune in for the wrap up of The AI Classroom.

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