665 – Web Design Principles

This episode of WELSTech is all about web design. Listen for tips and areas of focus to enhance your ongoing website efforts, web designer leads, if you choose to go that route, a color pallet tool, and an online conference topic about digital outreach. Plus, Sallie is searching tabs and Martin’s getting rid of distractions. WELSTech goodness awaits!

The discussion

Website designers

No finish line – The design process for your church or school website is never done. Martin and Sallie discuss concepts covered in Adobe XD’s Web Page Design: A Comprehensive Guide.

News in tech

WELS now

From WELS Congregational Services – The Foundation is a new set of resources that helps churches allow the gospel message heard in worship to echo throughout the week, edifying God’s people. Year C Advent and Christmas resources are available for download at https://welscongregationalservices.net/the-foundation! Learn more …

Picks of the week

Ministry resources

Community feedback

Gospel Outreach with Media (www.gowm.org) online conference is Live – now through November 8

Next time

We’re talking policies and procedures – the why, what, who, how, and where!

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