720 – Modern Messaging

On this episode of WELSTech, we learn about the tech side of mission outreach via Academia Cristo and TELL Network, including the messaging tool which has had a huge impact on that work. We also share details on a boatload of WELS summer events and classes, plus picks of the week that will have you drawing org charts and getting organized!

The discussion & interview

Mission conversations – Martin and Sallie are joined by Jon Gross, Field Producer for Multi-Language Productions (MLP) Latin America’s Academia Cristo, and Grace Ungemach, Marketing Operations Manager for TELL Network. Jon and Grace share information and blessings about the mission work they support, as well as how Respond.io has positively impacted their broad efforts.

Ministry resources

Summer events

Picks of the week

Community feedback & events

Next time

We’ll talk AI in the Classroom with Jason & Rachel on the next WELSTech!

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