722 – Picking The Right Tech

Join us for WELSTech 722 where we talk about tech decision making which will stand the test of time. We also share details on an upcoming webinar on the topic of mental health, a great invention to manage the cords in your computer bag, scanning and organizing Google-style, and Sallie’s latest hardware addition.

The discussion

Tech that lasts – Martin and Sallie share considerations which should be part of technology decisions, and, spoiler alert, cost isn’t at the top of the list. It is helpful to have some experience with technology on your side as you evaluate potential tools, but your selections shouldn’t necessarily be the tech-lover’s dream if that means they are too complex for the average user. Examples of “Swiss army knife” tools which have stood the test of time for Martin and Sallie include Trello and Google Slides.

Ministry resources

Register for the upcoming Women’s Ministry webinar – (mis) Understanding Mental Health happening May 2 at 7 pm

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Tune in for time boxing!

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