Entries by Sallie Draper

Episode 046 – Nov 19 2008

This week the WELSTech discussion centers around using your web site for event promotion.  Brian Shaffer joins Martin and Sallie to announce enhancements to the FinalWeb system. The discussion: Event promotion – Martin and Sallie share ideas for taking your congregation or school web site to the next level by moving beyond the basics – location & service times […]

Episode 045 – Nov 12 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie are celebrating National Distance Learning Week.  They also interview WELS member and businessman John Simonson on web marketing techniques. The discussion: Check out Martin’s completed deck project National Distance Learning Week – Distance education is growing in popularity, and with today’s Web 2.0 tools, the barriers to creating your own distance […]

Episode 044 – Nov 5 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie are joined by Gail Potratz, our semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, and we hear about Gail’s recent adventure in podcasting at the Wisconsin Lutheran State Teachers’ Conference. The discussion: Podcasting teachers – Gail Potratz, Technology Coordinator for Emanuel in New London, WI, joins Martin and Sallie to share her experience leading a breakout session […]

Episode 043 – Oct 29 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie tackle texting and twittering as they discuss mobile technology and applications for future ministry.  They also interview Pastor Hans Caauwe on his use of Apple’s new iPhone 3G. The discussion: Mobile Technology – “Texting and twittering and smart phones, oh my!” Martin and Sallie discuss the technology behind in-your-pocket, cell […]

Episode 042 – Oct 22 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie share tips and tricks for evaluating and redesigning your church or school web site. The discussion: Redesign your church or school web site – Most congregations and schools have had a web site for some time and may be due for a “facelift” or redesign of the content, look and […]

Episode 041 – Oct 15 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie discuss considerations for starting an electronic newsletter.  The interview section of the show focuses on the synod’s own electronic newsletter, Together. The discussion: Electronic newsletters – Most congregations and schools rely heavily on monthly and weekly newsletters to facilitate communications with members and school families.  Today Martin and Sallie take […]

Episode 040 – Oct 8 2008

This week on WELSTech the focus is social networking and how online connections can be utilized for ministry.  Martin and Sallie talk with Andy Theimer, a WELS member who has started an online group aimed at connecting WELS business people. The discussion: Social networking inside the congregation – Martin and Sallie explore ways to extend your ministry efforts […]

Episode 039 – Oct 1 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie talk about ways to “Go Green” with church and school electronics.  They also interview Pastor Mark Cares about the success of his new blog which targets outreach to Mormons. The discussion: WELSTech Goes GREEN – Martin and Sallie share ideas for churches, schools and individuals to reduce, reuse and recycle their electronics for […]

Episode 038 – Sep 24 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie are joined by Gail Potratz, our semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, and we discuss digital devices in the classroom and kick off a new WELSTech contest. The discussion: Digital devices in the classroom – Are computer labs necessary in today’s schools?  Martin, Sallie and Gail share ideas for integrating digital devices into the […]

Episode 037 – Sep 17 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie soar into the cloud of web-based computing applications and discuss the exciting, affordable possibilities for church office needs. The discussion: Church Office Computing in the Cloud – Martin recently attended the Office 2.0 Conference, and he shares with us his vision of “cloud” or web-based applications for the church office.  You […]