Entries by Sallie Draper

070 – Twitter…What’s It Good For Anyway?

This week on the WELSTech podcast we share ideas for using Twitter as a communication channel for your church or school, and we talk with Dick Diener about some interesting classroom technology projects. The discussion: All Things Twitter – By now WELSTech listeners have undoubtedly heard of the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter.  Martin and Sallie bring you up […]

069 – Enough Google Already

This week on the WELSTech podcast the listener’s rule as we share some of their entries in the recent desert island software contest. The contest: Top 5 Desert Island Software Picks – Martin and Sallie discuss some of the “I-wouldn’t-want-live-without-it” software titles shared by entrants in the recent WELSTech contest. Listen to find out if you […]

068 – Spending A Smarter Summer

This week on the WELSTech podcast we gear up for summer with loads of options for personal learning, and we conclude our interview with WELS musicianary Mike Westendorf. The discussion: Summer Learning – Gail Potratz, our monthly guest host and Technology Coordinator at Emanuel in New London, WI, joins the conversation with Martin and Sallie, and […]

067 – Geeking Out In Sallie’s Kitchen

This week the tech talk on the WELSTech podcast centers around group collaboration, the world of the independent Christian artist, and a geeky kitchen dream come true. The discussion: Group Effort Web 2.0 Style – Martin and Sallie revisit Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody and focus on chapter 5, “Personal Motivation Meets Collaborative Production”, as they […]

066 – The Five D’s and W’s

This week the WELSTech podcast goes global as Martin and Sallie discuss internet evangelism and chat with Dr. John Lawrenz from Asia Lutheran Seminary. The discussion: Internet Evangelism – Playing a WELSTech version of alphabet soup, Martin and Sallie share digital evangelism tips for your church web site in the form of five “W’s” (who, what, when, where […]

065 – That Is No Joke

This week the WELSTech podcast is packed with April Fools pranks, a contest announcement, the latest iPhone news and loads of comments from our listeners. The discussion: Time out for fun on April Fools – Martin and Sallie discuss web-based April Fools pranks, interesting sites and even a few Easter eggs.  They also share info on the Conficker […]

064 – Who needs an encyclopedia?

This week on WELSTech Martin, Sallie and Gail discuss Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and Patti Ullsperger from Lenovo updates us on exciting new classroom technology. The discussion: Defining PLNs – Gail Potratz, our semi-regular classroom technology correspondent and Technology Coordinator at Emanuel in New London, joins Martin and Sallie for a look at Personal Learning Networks – what they are […]

063 – PDFs and Potlucks

This week on WELSTech the discussion centers around PDFs, and Martin and Sallie share resources for creating and editing documents in this universal format. The discussion: All Things PDF – Martin and Sallie serve a potluck of PDF goodness covering the basics of how PDFs became the document sharing standard, a multitude of tools for creating and editing PDFs, […]

062 – Your Digital Fingerprint

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie explore ministry implications of the new amateur communication channels that exist on the web and chat with professional photographer Lori Ashbrenner about simple ways to improve digital photography skills. The discussion: “Publish, Then Filter” – In today’s discussion Martin and Sallie look at the effects of the amateurization of communication […]

061 – The Five Don’ts

This week on WELSTech the topic is digital evangelism.  Martin and Sallie discuss five “don’ts” for church web sites and talk with Pastor Ken Fisher about the WELS evangelism site, WhatAboutJesus.com. The discussion: Don’t make these mistakes on your church web site! – Your church or school web site is oftentimes making first impressions on the world so […]