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602 – Digging Technology

Summer arrives on WELSTech this week as we begin a series on the various areas of WELS Congregational Services, with Special Ministries in the lead-off position. Martin and Sallie share hardware picks with mom in mind, and the community feedback bag includes media content, brave browsing, and STEM career options in agriculture! The discussion: All […]

601 – Don’t Give Jason Your Password!

Spring has arrived on WELSTech as we wrap up our season-long book discussion of Faithfully Connected with guest host Jason Schmidt and an interview with the authors. Jason shares a “life changing” Google tool and a great book recommendation for summer. Plus, there’s news from Last Pass, a recommendation for Pear Deck, and the debut […]

600 – Fixin’ To Launch A School Intranet?

Welcome to WELSTech 600! In this milestone episode we wrap up our series on church and school intranets, discover some interesting new podcasts and video channels, and gear up for graduation and call day. The discussion: School Intranets with Trello – This Spring we’ve focused on building church and school intranets, or private web sites. […]

599 – Yet Another Reason To Attend WELS EdTechLead

WELSTech returns with a chat about one of the most popular sectionals happening at this summer’s EDTechLead Summit. There’s also hardware and elastic picks of the week, free food for teachers, and password wisdom to share with your co-workers and friends. The interview: Tell your story in video – Jon Witte, Director of Bands at […]

598 – Digital Health and Wellness

Tune in to this week’s WELSTech for a “healthy” discussion of the positive and negative effects of a digital lifestyle on our overall wellness plus ideas for teaching and modeling smart tech limits. We’re happy to have Martin Luther College Professor Rachel Feld on hand as we celebrate MLC Day, and Martin shares details on […]

597 – Summer STEM+

We’re gearing up for Summer on WELSTech as we talk with Kristin Knickelbein about Summer STEM+ Camp success. Also this week, get ready for MLC Day, but wait for a foldable phone; study your Bible and Catechism; plus, find out “who’s on first” pick this week! The interview: Reaching out with STEM – Teacher and […]

596 – School Intranets … Google Style

It’s Holy Week on WELSTech, and the discussion centers around the why, what, and how of building school intranets. But the tech-in-ministry goodness doesn’t stop there. We have Easter images, WELS on your desktop, a projection worship discussion, a musical devotion Facebook Watch Party, and embedded audio on Google Slides to share as well. Enjoy! […]

595 – Digital Law … and Gospel

WELSTech returns with a discussion of digital law and digital rights and responsibilities, covering important lessons for students (and adults) regarding ethics, copyright, our freedom of speech, and responsibilities that come with it. We’ve also got Pinterest boards with supporting resources, as well as a further discussion of copyright related to movies and music in […]

594 – Talking Design with Bri

WELSTech is back, and we’re all about design this week. We get tips and tools from WELS in-house graphic designer, talk identity/logo guidelines, and feature videos on the topic. There’s also chatter about three tech giants including news from Apple, magic for Google Drive, and new Microsoft hardware. The interview and discussion: Visual Communication – […]

593 – Seesaw

WELSTech is back with a preview of this summer’s #EdTechLead19 event. Teachers Stephanie Krahn and Kurt Gosdeck talk about their sectional covering the use of SeeSaw for student portfolios. WELS has Lent and Easter music for your listening pleasure, and there’s an exciting ministry resource that may be just what your church or school needs […]