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545 – Awesome Apps: Communication

The WELSTech April series called “Awesome Apps” continues as Martin and Sallie share some of their favorite smart device communication tools for texting, emailing, video conferencing and more. Sallie has to figure out how to say the name of her new car but in the process found a great car buying app, and Martin, tuning […]

544 – Awesome Apps: Utilities

The WELSTech month of “Awesome Apps” continues with a rundown of Martin and Sallie’s go-to mobile utilities! From weather to shopping to travel, there’s an app for that. Plus, we share news of a new program to address child abuse and neglect as well as a new online Bible study for women. And the community […]

543 – Awesome Apps: Photos

April is “Awesome Apps” month on WELSTech as Martin and Sallie share some of their favorite apps that can provide a boost to your productivity, ministry activities or just plain enjoyment of your smart devices. In this episode the “focus” is on photo apps including cameras, photo management, editing and sharing. Don’t be satisfied with […]

542 – Back to the Basics: Presentations

The last installment in WELSTech’s “back to the basics” March focus is all about presentations. From classroom to Bible study to conferences, most listeners will agree that presentations are common across all ministry and non-ministry related roles. Jason Schmidt joins the conversation about tips and tools for great presentations. There’s a new Chrome OS platform […]

541 – Back to the Basics: Calendars & Tasks

WELSTech’s “back to the basics” March focus continues with a look at two favorite tools – calendars and task managers. Perhaps tips shared for each will unlock listener’s super powers! And you won’t want to miss the lively discussion of technology in worship based on a recent article by Pastor Caleb Bassett. The discussion: Trusted […]

540 – Back to the Basics: Document Management

WELSTech continues the “back to the basics” theme as we discuss technology that has a lengthy life-span but is still very relevant today. The week we look at document management. Plus, the community feedback mailbag is overflowing with WELSTech goodness from listeners & viewers. The interview & discussion: Best practices – Knowledge workers are in […]

539 – Back to the Basics: Email

WELSTech is going “back to the basics” in March and tackling old technology that is still very relevant today. Email is one of those oldies but goodies. You might be surprised what email can do for you today. Tune in for that plus a BIG announcement about next summer’s EdTechLead Summit and how you can […]

538 – Training Techies: School Websites

The last WELSTech episode in February finishes off a month-long focus on training. Today we are joined by MLC Professor Rachel Feld to discuss school websites and how to approach training faculty members who are already stretched too thin. An interesting challenge, but there are tools and techniques to help. Rachel talks about a $99 […]

537 – Training Techies: Social Media Ambassadors

February, designated as “training techies” month on WELSTech, continues as Martin and Sallie discuss training social media ambassadors. See how those folks can provide great channels for the message of the gospel to reach people your church can’t. We also received some excellent first-hand feedback on the Livestream MEVO camera. The discussion: Social training – […]

536 – Training Techies: Church Management Software

February, designated as “training techies” month on WELSTech, continues as Martin and Sallie are joined by Peter Frank of Concordia Technology Solutions to discuss church management software. Their picks of the week have a Google theme including timers and calendars, and there’s some great community feedback. The discussion: Working with the church database – An […]