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588 – Intranets – Google Style

This week on WELSTech the discussion and how-to resources focus on building a church Intranet or private web site using G Suite. Along with news and picks of the week, the WELSTech mailbag is overflowing with great community discussion on ministry podcasts, transcribing and captioning video, education hardware for early elementary, a tropical job opportunity. […]

587 – Streaming

It’s WELSTech time, so get ready for your weekly dose of tech-in-ministry goodness. This week we share tips for setting up live streaming, and we celebrate the Chinese New Year with prayer. We also visit the Free Bible Images web site and share community feedback related to optimizing Facebook posts. Wait no longer for WELSTech! […]

586 – Minus 23

It’s cold outside, but we’re warm on WELSTech! Thaw out while you listen to our edtech discussion of digital literacy. We’ll also share the latest from Apple regarding the Facetime bug that may allow others to spy on you, a Chrome extension that solves memory issues, and the first-ever commercial on WELSTech! The discussion: Stay […]

585 – So You Feel Like Google Can Do More For You?

This week on WELSTech we’re talking Google in so many ways! Professor James Carlovsky joins Martin and Sallie to preview his Google-centric presentation at the upcoming #EdTechLead19 Summit. Plus, there’s Google news and a Google ministry resource that every church and school should make use of. The interview: Do more with Google – Professor James […]

584 – Intranets 101

WELSTech is back with the first big project of the new year, building an Intranet, as Martin and Sallie kick off this multi-month topic. In addition, they bring you the news from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), share Christian Giving and Worship resources, and more. All this, if Sallie can just push the right […]

583 – Year of the Multi-Colored Llama

Kick off a new year of WELSTech with a look back at 11 years of shows and look ahead at our plans for 2019. Martin and Sallie share a bit of their Christmas technology along with the first ever WELSTech anti-pick from Martin. The WELSTech community buzz is about a sample Chromebook Program Handbook from […]

582 – The Best of 2018

A new year has arrived, but before we dive into our tech-in-ministry future, Martin and Sallie take a look back at the ministry resources, interviews, and picks that stood out in 2018. 2018 was the year WELSTech returned to its roots as an audio-only podcast. It was also the year Martin’s phone bought us donuts. […]

577 – Share Your Gifts

On WELSTech this week, we welcome guest host Prof. Rachel Feld and talk about letting our lights shine online, and teaching our children to do the same, in the digital communication that we share. Martin Luther College has a new devotion booklet and all the higher education schools have Christmas concerts available via live stream […]

573 – Kids and Commerce

This week WELSTech is all about edtech as Martin and Sallie are joined by Jason Schmidt, and we continue the discussion of Faithfully Connected. Add to that a long list of news, picks, Pinterest ideas, and community feedback, and this episode is brimming with ideas for tech-in-ministry. The discussion: Digital commerce – Jason Schmidt, Technology […]

569 – Getting Excited About Policies

This week on WELSTech you’ll learn about the three types of tech-related policies that are important for churches and schools in light of recent regulations. WELS Congregational Services has prepared resources to support your Christmas outreach efforts, plus the WELSTech community buzz includes free stock video. The discussion: Policy is job one – Martin shares […]