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532 – Sharpening Your Bible Study

If there is one skill you want sharp, it’s Bible Study. Today’s technology tools make that easier than ever with online bibles, bible studies, tools, and more. Today’s picks are “google-centric” and there’s a great interview with Pastor Brock Groth, the man behind understandchristianity.com. The discussion: Rooted and built up – The topic of “Sharpening […]

531 – Skill Sharpening

A new year brings new opportunities and professional development resolutions. We all have a lot to learn, especially if we would like to keep up with current options in technology. This episode covers different ways to plan for, curate and consume learning resources that will keep you current. You may even be inspired to share […]

530 – 10 Years of WELSTech

2018 begins with another celebration – 10 years of WELSTech! We look back at episode one and ahead to a new year of exciting new tech and ministry ideas. Sallie has a “magic” cube that you have to see to believe, and Martin has his sights set on better mobile applications for our WELS audience. […]

529 – 500 in 2017

WELSTech closes out 2017 with a look back at some of the best of this year of 500s! From ministry resources to synod convention to paper and online planning, with two very special celebration 500 celebrations, it’s been a great year for ministry and technology. The discussion: The best – Relive the highlights of 2017 […]

528 – Donn Dobberstein

Christmas week on WELSTech brings talk of new ministry efforts, planning resources and a shareable Christmas Toolkit. There’s also Christmas greetings from WELS President Mark Schroeder and a beautiful Christmas hymn from the MLC College Choir. All that goodness is wrapped in warm wishes for a blessed Christmas celebration to the WELSTech community! The discussion: […]

527 – An Example: Planning with Trello

Friends of WELSTech should be no stranger to Trello by now. It is one of our favorite project management tools. Today Martin and Sallie walk through a likely scenario of how this powerful web application could change the way you plan and execute projects. Even if you don’t use Trello, there is plenty of great […]


Picture … herding cats. Not a job I’d sign up for, and, if it were assigned to me, not a job I’d expect to complete with 100% success. That’s the feeling that often came to mind when I needed to find a meeting time for a group of church volunteers and staff. Coordinating everyone’s availability […]

526 – Um…Let’s Plan!

It’s time to plan again on WELSTech! Does your organization have a good handle on all it’s events for the year? What tool would be best? In December, Martin and Sallie talk through, and give examples, of excellent tools and approaches that will have you feeling better prepared than ever to take on the events […]

525 – Student Privacy

Rachel Feld guest hosts this week’s WELSTech as we take a deep dive into student privacy and FERPA. There are concerts and Apple/Microsoft news and rolling robots along with a good dose of common sense in this week’s episode as well. Plus we learn about “Mobiles in Ministry” from the One Latin America mission field. […]

Common Sense Education

WELSTech-ers may recall a past Ministry Resource post on Common Sense Media, a site which features reviews and recommendations on all types of media which is directed at children including movies, books, TV, games, apps, and websites. It’s a great resource to share with parents, and can be very useful at this time of year especially […]