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596 – School Intranets … Google Style

It’s Holy Week on WELSTech, and the discussion centers around the why, what, and how of building school intranets. But the tech-in-ministry goodness doesn’t stop there. We have Easter images, WELS on your desktop, a projection worship discussion, a musical devotion Facebook Watch Party, and embedded audio on Google Slides to share as well. Enjoy! […]

595 – Digital Law … and Gospel

WELSTech returns with a discussion of digital law and digital rights and responsibilities, covering important lessons for students (and adults) regarding ethics, copyright, our freedom of speech, and responsibilities that come with it. We’ve also got Pinterest boards with supporting resources, as well as a further discussion of copyright related to movies and music in […]

594 – Talking Design with Bri

WELSTech is back, and we’re all about design this week. We get tips and tools from WELS in-house graphic designer, talk identity/logo guidelines, and feature videos on the topic. There’s also chatter about three tech giants including news from Apple, magic for Google Drive, and new Microsoft hardware. The interview and discussion: Visual Communication – […]

593 – Seesaw

WELSTech is back with a preview of this summer’s #EdTechLead19 event. Teachers Stephanie Krahn and Kurt Gosdeck talk about their sectional covering the use of SeeSaw for student portfolios. WELS has Lent and Easter music for your listening pleasure, and there’s an exciting ministry resource that may be just what your church or school needs […]

592 – Church Intranets by Trello

WELSTech returns with a look at the possibilities for developing church Intranets on the Trello platform. We say “Happy Birthday” to the World Wide Web and take a look at WELS Missions Journeys. Plus, we have picks and ministry resources and community feedback that you won’t want to miss. Turn it up! The discussion: Build […]

591 – Digital Side Doors

WELSTech is opening doors – digital side doors to church – this week. Listen for ideas about digital places and ways for people to get acquainted with your church before walking through the front door. Martin taught Alexa to read the Bible in three years, your sci-fi phone of the future is coming soon, and […]

590 – Digital Etiquette

It’s edtech week on WELSTech, and Professor Rachel Feld is on hand to discuss the next chapter of our season-long book discussion, Faithfully Connected. Martin has new wearable tech, and Rachel shares pins for Lent. Plus, find out who’s up for celebrating the National Day of Unplugging. The interview: Mind your manners –  Martin Luther College […]

589 – Google Certification

This week on WELSTech we welcome Rachel Pierson to the conversation. She shares details on her Google Level 1 Certification Bootcamp, happening during pre-conference at WELS EdTechLead this summer. Sallie’s taking notes while Martin is listening to WELSTech in a brand-new location. Plus, we strategize about church online communication. The interview: Flex your Google muscles […]

588 – Intranets – Google Style

This week on WELSTech the discussion and how-to resources focus on building a church Intranet or private web site using G Suite. Along with news and picks of the week, the WELSTech mailbag is overflowing with great community discussion on ministry podcasts, transcribing and captioning video, education hardware for early elementary, a tropical job opportunity. […]

587 – Streaming

It’s WELSTech time, so get ready for your weekly dose of tech-in-ministry goodness. This week we share tips for setting up live streaming, and we celebrate the Chinese New Year with prayer. We also visit the Free Bible Images web site and share community feedback related to optimizing Facebook posts. Wait no longer for WELSTech! […]