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519 – Back to the Future

The WELSTech discussion this week focuses on video, the next media frontier. Your social media feeds are dominated by them, and YouTube “channels” have become yesterday’s websites. How will your ministry respond to the video generation? Join Martin and Sallie as they discuss video, channels and how reaching out today seems to mean getting smarter […]

Reformation Fun

Celebrate the Reformation with this free downloadable group puzzle experience, A Day in the Life of Tölpel, The Luthers’ Dog. Players will travel around Wittenberg with Martin Luther’s dog, Tölpel, as their tour guide, learning about the city of the Lutheran Reformation. The 28-page download contains everything you need to host a fun puzzle event! […]

518 – Video Tech

This week on WELSTech, as part of our month of video for ministry focus, we look at all the many tools available for editing video. For us geeks the tech behind video is as much fun as seeing the content spring to life. There are tools for beginners and pros, those who use PCs and […]

517 – Taming YouTube Live Streaming

It’s a new month and a new focus for WELSTech. October is all about video month. Your ministry may be missing out if it doesn’t have a video strategy. All month we’ll consider content, tools, and video platforms. Sallie takes her first swing at setting up live streaming on YouTube. It’s easier than you think! […]

Getting Started with YouTube Live

Disclaimer: This is one of those Ministry Resources posts where we are going to learn together! I’ve seen the option and heard of some who are using the live streaming feature on YouTube, but I had never tried it myself. This brought me to the logical (??) decision to give it a test run as […]

516 – A Sad Day for Monkey Lovers

WELSTech wraps up our September focus on meetings with tips for great meetings at school. We also share resources to get you out of your seat, learn to teach robotics, make OneNote turn backflips, and color the Reformation. Oh yeah, there’s a monkey frown involved as well. The interview and discussion: Welcome Prof. Rachel – […]

515 – #Meetings

WELSTech’s month of meetings continues with an interview of New Ulmer, Brian Fischer, who shares his strategic planning experiences in business and the church. Sallie schools Martin on hashtags, and, as usual, they both share some interesting internet resources you can use in your ministry today. The interview and discussion: Strategic planning – Brian Fischer, […]

5 Ways To Let Your Light Shine Online

The appeal of social media in the 21st century is undeniable. The various platforms for sharing, from Facebook to Instagram to WeChat to Pinterest to {insert your favorite here}, offer connection to those we care about, and a channel for self-publication. But do we consciously consider how our social media use fits with our Christian […]

514 – Staying Awake in Meetings

“Meeting” month continues on WELSTech with an interview with World Missions Administrator Larry Schloemer who shares his experiences, tips and tools used in managing meetings. New Bible study resources are available for those working on called worker compensation review. Martin is back with yet another screencasting pick of the week, while he and Sallie discuss […]

513 – A Month of Meetings

WELSTech declares September “meeting month.” We’ll take a different angle on meetings each week to help all of us be better meeting managers and get the most out of our meetings. We are also back with all of your favorite segments including “WELS Now” where we identify some real ways you can get involved with […]