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523 – Fortified Networks

This week on WELSTech, we bring in the network security experts from our own WELS Technology team for an overview of the why, what, and how of network security, cloud security, firewalls, and VPNs. There’s also an exciting conference announcement, royalty-free Christmas images and videos, and a mobile app that’s really great at social media […]

522 – Pa33w0rds!

A new month of WELSTech brings a new topic…this one both timely and critical…security! How safe is your data? Who knows your password? How about your social security number? What can you do to protect yourself and your organization? We’ll talk passwords, encryption, private networks, and everything else security to help you figure out how […]

521 – Reformation 500!

Video month concludes on WELSTech in style with guest host Jason Schmidt and a celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, including great ministry resources for the occasion. Jason does a deep dive on his school district’s use of WeVideo, something any Chromebook enabled school might be interested in. The discussion: Student video production […]

Reformation Resources Roundup

On this very special day – October 31, 2017 – WELSTech celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation with a collection of Reformation resources for use in ministry and personal settings. Fun & Educational A-Z Coloring Book A Day in the Life of Tölpel, The Luthers’ Dog Bookmarks to color Flannelgraph Lutheran Reformation worksheets […]

520 – Video Tips from the Pros

WELSTech continues a month-long focus on video for church and school as we add Steve & Beth Zambo to the conversation. They share helpful ideas about storytelling, interview techniques, “B” roll footage and more. Martin encourages you to clean up your computer desktop while Sallie is all in for Reformation 500. Plus, we are excited […]

519 – Back to the Future

The WELSTech discussion this week focuses on video, the next media frontier. Your social media feeds are dominated by them, and YouTube “channels” have become yesterday’s websites. How will your ministry respond to the video generation? Join Martin and Sallie as they discuss video, channels and how reaching out today seems to mean getting smarter […]

Reformation Fun

Celebrate the Reformation with this free downloadable group puzzle experience, A Day in the Life of Tölpel, The Luthers’ Dog. Players will travel around Wittenberg with Martin Luther’s dog, Tölpel, as their tour guide, learning about the city of the Lutheran Reformation. The 28-page download contains everything you need to host a fun puzzle event! […]

518 – Video Tech

This week on WELSTech, as part of our month of video for ministry focus, we look at all the many tools available for editing video. For us geeks the tech behind video is as much fun as seeing the content spring to life. There are tools for beginners and pros, those who use PCs and […]

517 – Taming YouTube Live Streaming

It’s a new month and a new focus for WELSTech. October is all about video month. Your ministry may be missing out if it doesn’t have a video strategy. All month we’ll consider content, tools, and video platforms. Sallie takes her first swing at setting up live streaming on YouTube. It’s easier than you think! […]