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563 – Wisdom and Folly

WELSTech is back with our summer book discussion of Eat That Frog! plus a couple of “ultimate guides” to organize your Chrome bookmarks and your Apple iCloud storage. The WELS Google Schools Community has also been active with talk about bring your own device, classroom current events resources, and explaining MAP test results. The discussion: […]

562 – Salami & Swiss

This week’s WELSTech discussion is best consumed on a full stomach! We cover methods for slicing and dicing tasks to divide large tasks into manageable pieces. Sallie shares a new Bible app that gets smart about your photos and Koiné has a new worship media web site. The discussion: Hungry for productivity – As the […]

561 – Terrible Master, Wonderful Servant

WELSTech is back with the continued discussion of Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog! This week the discussion focus is on technology, one of our favorite topics. We’ll also hear how Martin’s knowledge of photography landed him a major league gig and equips him to take great photos with his camera phone. The discussion: The wait is over […]

560 – Yank Away

Join the WELSTech conversation as we continue our journey through Brian Tracy’s Eat that Frog!, a book about eliminating procrastination and tackling the challenges we face on a daily basis. Martin has a new camera in his bag, and we hear from a WELSTech-er who took our discussion topic to the next level by offering […]

559 – Upgrading…Yourself

WELSTech is back, this week with a look at ways to improve yourself and eliminate roadblocks that slow down your progress toward goals, straight from the pen of author Brian Tracy in Eat that Frog! The community mailbag overflows with WELSTech goodness, and Martin is “in sync” in a variety of ways. The discussion: Improve […]

558 – One Barrel At A Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big, little and in-between things of life. This week’s WELSTech discusses taking things one step, or barrel, at a time. That is the metaphor Brian Tracy uses when trying to determine where you’re heading and staying on course. We received good feedback on audio quality from “listeners” and […]

557 – All About the Audio

There’s a big change in place with this week’s WELSTech. We’re going retro, meaning we’ll be producing audio-only podcast moving forward. But we’ve still got a great tech-in-ministry discussion for you, this week reviewing more of Eat That Frog!, sharing a couple of hardware picks, and featuring not one, but three videos! The discussion: Key […]

556 – Easy as ABC

On WELSTech this week, Sallie and Martin continue their review of the book Eat That Frog! by discussing the ABCDE prioritization approach from author Brian Tracy. A new debate begins – Trackpad vs Mouse. Be sure to chime in. Also, an announcement about the future of WELSTech…video. The discussion: Procrastinate on purpose – The discussion […]

555 – 80/20

We continue our review of Eat That Frog! with a look at the 80/20 rule as well as future oriented thinking. Martin and Sallie have fun with Siri, and we find a great infographic on free stock photography. The discussion: Look to the future – Martin and Sallie discuss chapters 3 & 4 of Eat […]

554 – Setting the Table

On this week’s WELSTech, Martin and Sallie begin their summer book discussion with a look at chapters 1 & 2. Martin starts bullet journaling, and Sallie is all about the next exit. Plus, we have community feedback and the hymn of the day! The discussion: Goals and plans – Starting at the beginning with a list […]