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WELS Video on Vimeo

No one would argue with the fact that video is becoming more prevalent in Internet communication. In fact, a recent study indicates that the average consumer watches 49 minutes of social video every day, and that number is expected to grow. Another study projects that by 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will be video. Perhaps […]

488 – From Pork to Palms

Pictures have always been a part of ministry. Throw in digital images AND social media and you have powerful tools to share the gospel. Join WELSTech this week for our continuing series on Social Media in Ministry with a look a two popular photo sharing sites: Flickr and Google Photos. As a bonus, you’ll also […]

487 – A Family Friendly Internet

Tune in to WELSTech this week for Sallie’s show and tell of a recent parent talk she led covering positive uses of the Internet for kids and families. You’ll also learn about an opportunity to host a theater showing of the new Martin Luther movie from WELS and be inspired for Lent by Martin’s ministry […]

Common Sense Media

In today’s digital age, guiding children’s use of the many flavors of media available to them can be a daunting task. Not only are there challenges knowing enough about the many apps, websites, movies, and books, but it can sometimes be a pretty large hurdle to simply find appropriate media to consider. CommonSenseMedia.org can help. […]

486 – Online Ed

This week on WELSTech Rachel Feld joins the conversation to discuss the latest developments in online and adaptive learning. Educators will want to listen on Rachel’s iPad/iPhone pick called “Duck, Duck, Moose.” Sallie is unplugging … for a day, and Martin shares a great site to get reviews of gadgets for those who are looking to […]

485 – Lenten Resources and Feedback

It’s time once again for WELSTech’s Community Feedback episode. Martin and Sallie share everything from church newsletter tips to pinned infographics, Chromebook news to ideas for creating church directories. Sallie is raking in the ministry resource comments and Martin is printing (imagine that!). All this, plus Pastor James Hein shares his insightful thoughts on ministering […]

Christian Worship Lectionary for Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular platform for personal, family, group, and organization use. The Christian Worship Lectionary for Google Calendar has lectionary notes for Christian Worship as well as Christian Worship Supplement. For each Sunday and Major Festival of the church year the calendar entry includes Lessons and Psalm, including the Supplemental Readings Prayer of the […]

484 – Social Media in Ministry: Facebook

It’s Valentine’s Day on WELSTech, and we’re talking about chocolate’s important place in technology along with a little discussion on the use of Facebook for church and school as part of a social media strategy. Martin pulls back the curtain on Google’s logs of his travels, and Sallie shares a ministry resource walkthrough of the […]

Free Bible Images

Teachers of all flavors recognize the importance of having just the right image to support the lesson they are preparing. And the fact that cameras are a rather recent invention in relation to the full historic timeline limits the ability to do a quick Internet search and find the perfect photo for every lesson. This […]

483 – Holy Hen House

This week on WELSTech, Amanda Rose, founding member of Holy Hen House, talks to us about women’s ministry and how God has blessed their humble efforts. We continue our focus on ministry resources by exploring just how easy it is to create and publish a vlog (Video Blog). The interview and discussion: Chatter that matters […]