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510 – Ministry Calculations

Calculators rule the day on this week’s WELSTech. From ministry resources to picks of the week, we have tools to help figure out compensation for called workers, and some calculators that are just plain fun. The discussion: Online Tour – Following up with our Synod Convention interview of Prof. Earle Treptow, Martin demonstrates the new […]

509 – Calendars, Conventions, and Communications

Fresh off a great experience at the WELS Synod Convention, the WELSTech team returns to their summer series of Ministry Resources. If you use Google Calendar, you won’t want to miss this one. Also, listen for some interesting uses for Trello and an exciting announcement regarding an upcoming conference in Wisconsin Dells! The discussion: Upping […]

Print My Cal

Many churches and schools have adopted Google Calendar to maintain schedules for worship, events, team practice and games, parent teacher conferences, and much more. The web-based, user friendly calendaring tool is powerful enough to take on your most challenging recurring events. Plus it handles shared permissioning and calendar collaboration with ease. And it can be […]

508 – Synod Convention 2017 Special

WELSTech is back, and Martin and Sallie are side-by-side in Watertown, WI to continue our biennial tradition of special coverage at WELS Synod Convention. We’ve got a great lineup of interesting interviews to give you an insider’s look at different topics related to convention. The interviews: Prof. Earle Treptow is on the faculty at Wisconsin Lutheran […]

507 – Three Steps to Safety

WELSTech’s summer ministry resource focus continues, this week with a discussion of tech safety practices which churches, schools, and individuals would be wise to adopt. Other chatter covers ideas for working with volunteers, coffee-table ready photo books, and a Pinterest posting suggestion which has Martin dumbfounded. All this with a side of mustard! The discussion: […]

506 – Robot Ministry

This week on WELSTech Sallie shares the details of a robotics camp she and Kevin ran last week. Chromebook tips and classroom screen sharing round out a show focused on education…and ministry. The discussion: iBot, uBot, mBot – Sallie shares her recent Robot Camp experience and how the format can be replicated in church or […]

Robot Camp

Recently my husband and I hosted a Robot Camp – 5 nights and 8 young men entering 6-9 grade, each with an mBot robot building kit and a computer for programming the mBot. The kids who attended learned about the inner workings of robots – things like electromagnetism in motors and echolocation in distance sensors. […]

505 – It’s All About The Docs

This week on WELSTech we take a deep dive into the topic of cloud storage, focusing on the reasons to consider migrating your church and school contents to the cloud as well as a few potential gotchas to be aware of if you do. Other mentions on this episode include Google Maps location sharing and […]

504 – I Remember Those Funny Codes

WELSTech’s summer series, featuring Ministry Resources, continues this week. Apple makes an interesting move which causes us to take another look at the QR Codes for church and school communication. We also bring you good news regarding sharing Google Photo libraries as well as repurposing sermon content in creative ways. The discussion: Point and shoot […]

Communicating with QR Codes

QR Codes are a communication/call to action method which has existed for over two decades but has failed to garner major adoption. Until now! Recently it was revealed that the upcoming version of iPhone software, iOS 11, will include a camera enhancement that will automatically scan QR Codes. This will eliminate the need for separate […]