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554 – Setting the Table

On this week’s WELSTech, Martin and Sallie begin their summer book discussion with a look at chapters 1 & 2. Martin starts bullet journaling, and Sallie is all about the next exit. Plus, we have community feedback and the hymn of the day! The discussion: Goals and plans – Starting at the beginning with a list […]

553 – Eat That Frog!

This week on WELSTech, Martin and Sallie are side-by-side at WELS Center for Mission Ministry for the kickoff of the summer book series. Martin’s picks have health and safety in mind, and the discussion also includes both ebook and audio media tools. The discussion: We hope you’re hungry – The WELSTech Summer 2018 series will focus […]

552 – Gird Up Your Podcast

The Gird Up! podcast is featured on this week’s WELSTech as Martin and Sallie are joined by Charlie Ungemach to discuss why a podcast just might be a viable ministry tool for you. Sallie also shows off her new “mobile” podcast studio! The interview & discussion: Ministry Podcasts – Martin and Sallie chat with teacher […]

551 – End-Of-School-Year Options

The end of the school year doesn’t have to be just something to “survive.” Jason Schmidt joins WELSTech this week to share some projects that turn passive moving watching students into creators. He also brings another robot pick to compliment Sallie’s tip to combat gadget filth. The discussion: End of school activities – Jason Schmidt, […]

550 – Seminary Student: Julius Buelow

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Julius Buelow joins this episode of WELSTech to talk about his thesis on the benefits or distractions that technology brings to the table for a seminarian. Martin announces the launch of the new WELS App, and Sallie bids farewell to WELSTech Studio West. The interview & discussion: Deep thinking – As […]

549 – Seminary Student: Jason Zuehlke

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Jason Zuehlke joins WELSTech to talk about his thesis on reaching those who make up the Millennial Generation with the Gospel. We also get an update from Pastor Brock Groth on his UnderstandChristianity.com project and some exciting new content. The interview & discussion: Make new friends – Martin and Sallie continue […]

548 – Seminary Student: Bill Schubert

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Bill Schubert joins the WELSTech conversation to share his thesis on reaching those who make up “iGen” or Generation Z. Sallie shares a cool Facebook framing tool, while Martin provides information about how a recent European Union regulation might affect your church or school. The interview & discussion: The newest generation […]

547 – MLC Day!

Celebrate MLC Day with WELSTech! Martin and Sallie talk with creatives from Martin Luther College who are using social channels and multi-media to spark this special day. Straighten up, enhance your productivity with the picks of the week, and use OneNote to design a digital Escape Room. Tune in for this plus news, feedback, and […]

546 – Awesome Apps: Education

We wrap up “Awesome Apps” month on WELSTech with a look at the edtech space and insights from guest co-host Rachel Feld. Microsoft makes the news, we share a free eBook to help churches communicate on Instagram, and Martin reveals a great way to improve your Windows 10 knowledge for free. The discussion: Education apps- […]

545 – Awesome Apps: Communication

The WELSTech April series called “Awesome Apps” continues as Martin and Sallie share some of their favorite smart device communication tools for texting, emailing, video conferencing and more. Sallie has to figure out how to say the name of her new car but in the process found a great car buying app, and Martin, tuning […]