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503 – Comparing Event Video Notes

On this week’s episode of WELSTech, Martin shares his thoughts on the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for ministry. There’s also a post-wedding video discussion and some great tips for WELS ed tech leaders on getting started with a 1:1 initiative in your school. The discussion: iPads for Ministry – Continuing the summer focus […]

502 – Be Internet Awesome

WELSTech 502 is packed with awesomeness in the form of a new digital citizenship effort from Google for middle- and upper-elementary children. Plus, Sallie has graphic organizer templates, and Martin has helpful gesture shortcuts for Windows 10. Community feedback and a mission update round out the show. The discussion: Interland Flyby – Martin and Sallie […]

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Google recently announced a free online resource geared toward middle- to upper-elementary aged children called Be Internet Awesome. The online game, Interland, as well as supporting curriculum resources, are intended to teach kids to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online. To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to […]

501 – Trello

With WELSTech number 500 behind them, Martin and Sallie kick off the summer with a series focused around ministry resources. This week is the popular project management tool Trello. Learn how you can manage church and school projects, as well as a wedding! Maybe even just your family vacation. The discussion: What’s Changed – Martin […]

500 – 500 … And Counting

This week we observe WELSTech’s milestone recording of episode 500 with a history making interview. For the first time in 9+ years, Martin and Sallie are in the interviewee chairs as Nicole Balza questions the WELSTech co-hosts about the show history and future. Pastor Mike Hinz also drops by to share information on WELS Daily […]

499 – By The Numbers

This week on WELSTech, Pastor Jonathan Hein, Director for the Commission on Congregational Counseling, joins the show to discuss the connection between data and ministry. You might be surprised at the things you can learn about yourself, your church and your ministry just by looking at the numbers. The interview & discussion: Church Data – […]


My uncle was an upholsterer by trade. With his experience and the proper tools, he could transform furniture from shabby to sheik. In many respects, building or supporting a ministry in the digital age is no different. You must first start with the best tools and gain experience around their optimal and varied usage so […]

498 – Classroom Collaboration

On WELSTech this week, Jason Schmidt wraps up our edtech school year discussion with a look at the many possibilities technology provides for student and classroom collaboration. We also share an NPH survey on “Being Lutheran,” look at an affordable smart lighting option, and explore automated e-mail to church visitors. Oh, and Chuck Norris makes […]

497 – Guess Who’s A Pinterest Lover?

This week on WELSTech, there’s a shocking turn of events! Somehow a show filled with some great community feedback turned into an admission by one of the hosts that Pinterest is actually a pretty useful tool. Tune in to find out who and why. Also, Sallie shares an invaluable resource to get you ready for worship this […]

Worship Helps

During weekly worship, Christians join with other believers in prayer and praise to God. More importantly, they join with other believers to hear the Word of God. One way the Word is proclaimed during worship is through the assigned readings from the Bible for the particular day in the church year. Using WELS Worship Helps, […]