700 – Celebrating 700!

For the 700th time, welcome to WELSTech, a show about technology and ministry and where those two intersect! Martin and Sallie look way back to 2008 when the show started and explore the changing landscape of tech-in-ministry which they’ve observed through the years. Church texting platforms, fancy social media posts, and AI-generated text are some of the 2023 tech-in-ministry topics discussed on this episode as well.

The discussion

A big milestone – Martin and Sallie suited up to celebrate this 700th episode of WELSTech with a look back at where and why it started, tech-in-ministry topics then and now, retro WELSTech images, and book reviews through the years. Plus, the WELSTech “ace in the hole” is revealed!

Ministry resource

Top 28 Church Texting Platforms – Comparison chart in the PDF

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Next time

Amanda Klemp from WELS Communication Services shares tips for great e-newsletters

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