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WELSTech is celebrating summer with a series of tech-in-ministry interviews called “Summer Tech Talks.” This week we head west to the oil country of western North Dakota to talk with Pastor Joel Prange about starting a home mission church. Turn up the audio as Martin and Sallie both have sound-related picks of the week. In addition, there’s an opportunity to support a missions-centric videography effort.

The discussion & interview

Getting to know North Dakota – Home Missions Pastor Joel Prange talks with Martin and Sallie about his two-year journey starting a new congregation in Dickinson, North Dakota. Amazing Grace Lutheran Church is worshipping in their own space and reaching out to the people in the area.

Picks of the week


Community feedback & events

  • We have an opportunity to support “Christ in media” through support of videographer Colin Neville as he spends two years in Thailand with Friends Network, telling the stories of various missions through video. Learn more and support Colin’s work.
  • gamma.app

Next time

Summer Tech Talks continue, but mums the word on who will be behind the extra mic. Tune in to find out!

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