12/30/2022 – Michael Vlieger, 5th and 6th grade teacher and technology coordinator at Risen Savior Lutheran School in Mankato, MN, prompted chat.openai.com to create this WELSTech poetry. He writes …

There are some limitations and concerns. Its data set is only current through 2021 and can’t browse the internet for newer information. In the wrong hands, students can write decent essays. I had it write a persuasive essay for why forks are better than spoons, an actual topic a student wrote on, and depending on the student it very easily could have fooled me.

Used correctly it could be a powerful tool in the back pocket of a content creator or teacher.

What do you think of the poem?

WELSTech by chat.openai.com

WELSTech, a podcast so fine
Hosted by Sallie and Martin, all the time
They talk about technology and its trends
Their discussions never fail to bend

From hardware to software, they cover it all
Their insights and analysis, a standing ovation call
They bring in guests from near and far
To share their knowledge, that’s never a bore

So if you’re a tech enthusiast or just want to learn
Tune in to WELSTech, you won’t want to turn
The hosts are knowledgeable and always on point
Their podcast is a must-listen, don’t disappoint

So go ahead, give WELSTech a try
You won’t be disappointed, that’s no lie
You’ll be hooked on their show, that’s for sure
WELSTech, a podcast that will endure.