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496 – Social Media Superstars

On WELSTech this season we’ve been exploring the use of social media in ministry. Today’s episode wraps up that series with a look at great examples of church and school accounts on each of the major social media platforms. We also talk with Pastor James Aderman regarding the WELS Intersections Facebook group, and Martin gives […]

495 – Friends & Family Tech Support

Join this week’s WELSTech for a lively discussion almost all of us “techies” can relate to…providing tech support for friends and family. We walk through several tips and best practices that will make your next “support call” a pleasant one for all involved. Additional discussion includes a discussion of upcoming concerts, graduation, and assignment events […]

Church Copyright

Copyright law exists to protect and ensure those behind creative works are appropriately compensated when the work is reproduced or performed. For churches, regular Sunday worship typically includes a host of creative works which are reproduced and performed. The Bible text, sermon, hymns, liturgy, and choral works often pop to mind, but in this digital […]

494 – Rethinking the Roles of Teachers

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie are joined by Rachel Feld to discuss an interesting article from the Horizon report entitled “Rethinking the Roles of Teachers.” Has the rapid advancement of educational technology changed the role of our teachers? The discussion: A brand new classroom experience – Martin and Sallie are joined by teacher […]

493 – Feedback and Infographics

Lots of listener feedback and some sweet infographics headline WELSTech this week! We even talk about a cool tool to create your own infographics, the rumored Microsoft “Cloudbook,” countless ways to grow in grace, a bit of Office magic, and some Ministry Resource goodness by way of Google Slides. The discussion: Pen, paper and microwave – Martin […]

Desktop Publishing in the Cloud

As more and more of our work moves to “the cloud” and away from locally installed software, desktop publishing is one area which lacked a suitable online replacement. The desktop publishing standard, Microsoft Publisher, has long provided flexibility when it comes to layout so you can place images and text wherever you desire. Contrast this to word processing […]

492 – Social Media Ambassadors

This week on WELSTech we offer tips to engage members in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ via social media. Sallie has some gear recommendations while Martin demonstrates the new Google Team Drives for shared file ownership. You’ll learn about the busiest year in WELSTech history as well as get insider info on a […]

491 – Bullet Journals

You won’t want to miss this week’s WELTech discussion of an analog system (a.k.a., Martin’s favorite medium – paper!) for managing tasks and lots more. We turn back time to look at the first year of WELSTech podcasting, and we feature news from LastPass, Holy Week devotions from MLC, great content on WhatAboutJesus.com and a […]

490 – Scrambled Eggs with a Side of Equity

The week’s edtech focused WELSTech episode features ideas for assisting students with broadband Internet access in their homes, the opportunity to host a movie theater screening of the new Luther movie, a new computer science curriculum for middle schoolers, a design tool for the church and school office, and some tasty(?) robotics. The discussion: Jason […]

Avery Design & Print

Let’s face it – ministry isn’t always glamorous! At times it even requires us to roll up our sleeves and get dirty in the church and school office. Eeek!! Even though that introduction is intended to make you smile, it is true that many ministry initiatives include a component which starts in the church or […]