648 – Luck Is The Residue Of Design

We’re breaking tradition to bring you WELSTech on a Thursday this week, but no worries. The “hit parade” is here, just like always! Listen for details on NDI video streaming, unique opportunities to consider as your congregation emerges from the pandemic, a bit of basketball, suspended suspenders, and so much more. Join the conversation!

The interview

NDI video streaming – Teacher Justin Liepert from Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, WI shares details of their recent live streaming hardware upgrades.

The book discussion

The Post-Quarantine Church – Martin and Sallie continue the discussion of Thom Rainer’s book, specifically covering chapters 3, 4 and 5.  Read along and perhaps share and discuss in your congregations.

Picks of the week

Ministry resource

Finalweb 2.0 YouTube playlist

Community feedback

WELS now

Marriage Moments now in the WELS app

Next time

Pastor Kent Reeder and Dan Jaspersen share details about a new church communication initiative they are launching, and we wrap up our Post-Quarantine Church book discussion.

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