649 – Great City Network

This week’s WELSTech includes a look at the offerings of Great City Network and the wrap up of The Post-Quarantine Church book discussion. There’s also chat about a Lenten podcast, texting in church, online giving, and capturing parent’s attention as they search online for school options.

The interview

Outside-the-box urban ministry – Pastor Kent Reeder from Illume Church, Seattle, WA and Dan Jaspersen, curator, join us to discuss the formation and three-fold vision of Great City Network – collaborating, training, and skill sharing.

The book discussion

From challenges to opportunities – Martin and Sallie finish their discussion of The Post-Quarantine Church  by Thom Rainer.

Picks of the week

Ministry resource

Heart to heart: parent conversations series – Audio and video

WELS now

Jesus’ Passion – 40 days of Bible readings with commentary by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Professor Stephen Geiger, available in audio podcast and video formats. Here’s a sample:

Community feedback

Next time

WELS has a new Contact Us form and perhaps your church or school needs something similar.

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