WELSTech episode 709 promotion image - AI in the Classroom.

709 – AI In The Classroom

The future has arrived on WELSTech as we kick off a series of shows on artificial intelligence. We also discuss The Foundation series from Congregational Services, making stickers on the Cricut Xtra, using your phone as a webcam, and more. Turn it up and enjoy!

The discussion

WELSTech episode 709 promotion image - AI in the Classroom.The Uprising – A new season of edtech discussion is underway with special guest host, Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College. We’re discussing the recently published book The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education by Daniel Fitzpatrick, Amanda Fox, and Brad Weinstein. Part one of the book is a bit of a history lesson on artificial intelligence (AI). We talk about what it is, how it works, and ways we’re already using it, plus we look at its potential for the future, and some of the not so admirable qualities of AI.

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We don’t know the topic yet, but it will be great because Martin and Sallie will be in the same place!

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