541 – Back to the Basics: Calendars & Tasks

WELSTech’s “back to the basics” March focus continues with a look at two favorite tools – calendars and task managers. Perhaps tips shared for each will unlock listener’s super powers! And you won’t want to miss the lively discussion of technology in worship based on a recent article by Pastor Caleb Bassett.

The discussion:

Trusted systems – At the center of personal and professional productivity are two basic tools – calendars and task managers. Martin and Sallie share their recommendations for each as well as ideas for churches and schools to capitalize on the power of these basic tools.

WELS now:

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Print My Cal

Community feedback:

Let’s rethink how we think about technology in worship

Featured video:

Watch Pastor Caleb Bassett’s Worship Conference presentation, Screens in Worship: Dos and don’ts – but mostly don’ts

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 542 – Jason Schmidt helps Martin and Sallie close out “Back to the Basics” month with a discussion of Presentations. Release date: Wednesday, March 28.

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