692 – Brainstorming!

WELSTech is coming to you this week from the offices of WELS Technology West, a.k.a., Sallie’s living room, as Martin and Sallie enjoy the rare circumstance of being in the same place for the recording. Today’s topic is brainstorming, and we have a myriad of tools to assist with the process. There are also multiple events to share, plus Martin has details on gadgets with waterproof lasers!


The discussion

Capturing great ideas – No matter the setting, church or school, there are constantly new projects, events, and initiatives to kickstart, and a group brainstorming session is a great way to do that. Martin and Sallie share tools and methods to brainstorm with a group, even from a distance, and to capture all the great ideas which are generated.


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Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship Week

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Get ready for Computer Science Education Week – December 5-11, 2022

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