542 – Back to the Basics: Presentations

The last installment in WELSTech’s “back to the basics” March focus is all about presentations. From classroom to Bible study to conferences, most listeners will agree that presentations are common across all ministry and non-ministry related roles. Jason Schmidt joins the conversation about tips and tools for great presentations. There’s a new Chrome OS platform and affordable robots for classrooms included in this week’s discussion as well.

The discussion:

Present that – Jason Schmidt from Bennington Public Schools in Omaha, NE co-hosts this week, and he’s all about #appsmashing your way to great presentations.

News in tech:

The first Chrome OS tablet is here

WELS now:

‘Tis the season to register!

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Polling tools for your presentations

Featured video:

Enjoy the MLC College Choir singing In My Father’s House.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 543 – April arrives with a focus on Awesome Apps, and the week 1 discussion is all things related to mobile photography. Release date: Wednesday, April 4.

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