053 – Happy Anniversary

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie look back at the first year of the WELSTech podcast and look forward to podcasting in 2009.

The discussion:

  • One Year of WELSTechCelebrating one year of WELSTech – Take a trip down memory lane as Martin and Sallie listen to clips from the first ever WELSTech podcast and discuss the goals and expectations which they had for the podcast a year ago, how well they’ve met those goals, and where they hope to see the podcast lead in 2009.
    • Let’s make 2009 a year of collaboration!
      • Join the WELSTech facebook group
      • Contribute to the WELSTech wiki
      • Check out the “Get involved” links below for lots more ways to participate

The tidbits:

  • Picks of the week (24:20)
  • WELS.net feature (32:17)
    • Read through your Bible in 3 years – Pick your flavor!
      • Text-based (e-mail and RSS delivery available) – www.wels.net/jump/bible3
      • Audio-based (listen on your computer or MP3 player) – www.wels.net/jump/bible3podcast
  • Community feedback (34:38)
    • John Shoosmith from Redeemer in Yakima, WA is looking for copyright details for posting segments of the NIV Bible on his church web site.
  • Coming up on WELSTech (40:30)
    • Episode 054 – Martin shares highlights from his Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Winterim session, “Mind Like Water: The Art of Productivity”

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS contemporary praise band, Koine (www.koinemusic.com) – Jesus Priceless Treasure from their CD titled Koine II (43:00)

Get involved:

3 replies
  1. Sallie Draper
    Sallie Draper says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment! It’s great to connect with good folks from St. John’s, Sleepy Eye. :-)

    To learn more about RSS and the WELS feeds that are available to integrate into your web site, visit http://www.wels.net/jump/rss Check back in and let us know how the site development is going!



  2. Linda Travis
    Linda Travis says:

    I was born in Sleepy Eye, MN.Baptised, attended 9 years at St John’s Grade school, and confirmed at St. John’s church!
    I am a tech newbie. Trying hard as a newly called Director of a Learning Center (3K,4K,5K) to serve young families in the tech generation while I am from the more mature generation.
    I have been trying hard to encourage my congo to make better use of their Web Site, feeling that it would serve us (me) well.I will give them the “heads up” about RSS Feed.If I understand what I just heard, it would give us info to put in it ( Our Website)as well as our own Web Master’s local input.
    Thanks for a good listen! Linda(Wendt)Travis

  3. John Shoosmith
    John Shoosmith says:

    Sallie and Martin – The explanation of what we can use legally from NIV was really great. As I listen, I wonder about the allowed posting period for sermon videos we have on the Net. I think we’re ok keeping to short clippets of readings used as the topic matter for a sermon, but you have to wonder about study guides for online Bible Class and other things. I’m sure I won’t remember the details. Could you post somewhere the guidelines that Zondervan provided? (Perhaps on the WELStech Wiki?) Thanks for answering this question!….and congrats on your 1year anniversary!


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