272 – A Podcasting Podcast

This week WELSTech is all about how to create, produce and distribute podcasts, and we’ve recruited some of our favorite WELS podcasters to aid in the discussion. We set a new record for picks of the week, and there’s a cool new ministry resource and some great advice about web site images to boot!

The discussion:

Podcasting 101 – Pastor Tom Barthel from Christ in Baxter, MN, Philip Wels and Bob Martens join Martin and Sallie for what could be characterized as a robust conversation about podcasting, complete with a Google Hangouts crash to keep things real. Learn tips and tools for creating and sustaining your own podcast.

Ministry resources:

(28:47) PrayrList

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(50:17) Episode 273 – Teachers will want to tune in next week as Jason Schmidt and Emily Dittmar join us for an overview of the EdCamp “un-conference” format. (Release date – 01/29/13)

The featured artist:

(51:07) We close the podcast with the music of Stephen Bautista (www.stephenbautistamusic.com or stephenbautista on Twitter) – Who Will Tell Them

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