Episode 027 – Jul 9 2008

This week Martin and Sallie discuss the Getting Things Done organization system for improving personal productivity.  They also interview Prof. David Sellnow about blending traditional and online education.

The discussion:

The interview:

  • Prof. David SellnowThe Hybrid Classroom (28:05) – In the first of a two-part interview, Prof. David Sellnow of Martin Luther College joins Martin and Sallie to share insight into the benefits of blending traditional classroom activities with online activities.  Prof. Sellnow has successfully blended his course offerings at MLC and suggests that similar blending could accentuate courses at the high school and even elementary school levels.

The tidbits:

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS artist, WendySue Fluegge (www.wendysue.com) – Time from her CD titled Everyday Christian (1:00:45)

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