Episode 026 – Jul 2 2008

At the one-half year of podcasting milestone, Martin and Sallie share solutions for mass e-mail and interview Lakeside LHS teacher Ted Klug about protecting and educating students on the blessings and dangers of social networking.

The discussion:

  • Mass E-mail – Martin and Sallie discuss considerations and resources for communicating electronically with congregation or school families using mass e-mail, thus reducing cost and manpower demands and increasing the efficiency and speed of communication.

The interview:

  • Ted KlugStudents and Social Networks (22:00) – Ted Klug, Technology Director at Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, WI joins Martin and Sallie to discuss the blessings and dangers of social networks and to share ideas for educating and protecting our students.

The tidbits:

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS praise band, Koine (www.koinemusic.com) – Jesus Priceless Treasure from their CD titled Koine II (55:13)

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