Read along online (or purchase a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon) as WELSTech hosts Martin Spriggs and Sallie Draper “write the book” on project management for faith-based organizations.

With All Your Heart

Chapter titles link to the individual interactive, mobile-friendly chapters, created using Microsoft Sway. Episode numbers link to the WELSTech episode when the chapter was discussed.

With All Your Heart Resources

Chapter One – Introduction: With All Your Heart is a book about project management for those serving church, school, or faith-based organizations. It will include tools, tips and guidelines that should help project leaders be better prepared to complete successful efforts. Episode 409

Chapter Two – Discovery: Explore a systematic approach for selecting the project portfolio of your faith-based organization and tips for writing concrete project requirements and gaining needed project support in this chapter of With All Your Heart. Episode 414

Chapter Three – Project Planning: Examine a great Biblical example of project planning from the book of Nehemiah and learn tips and tools for starting a project with that example in mind. Episode 418

Chapter Four – Meetings: Listen for ways to engage meeting participants in healthy conflict as well as practical tips and tools for offering encouragement and creating agendas. Episode 422

Chapter Five – Scheduling: Taking a cue from Nehemiah, learn how to survey a project for all tasks, map dependencies and meet project milestones.  Episode 427

Chapter Six – Volunteers: Faith-based organizations rely heavily on volunteers to carry out many projects. The chapter focuses on identying volunteers, helping them take ownership of their work on a project and understand they are working for a bigger purpose, preparing for potential obstacles and giving thanks. Episode 432

Chapter Seven – Communication: The book focus thus far has been on work with the internal project team. In this chapter we broaden the scope of project communication with ideas for engaging the entire organization in the project development process thought regular project updates.  Episode 436

Chapter Eight – Troublehooting: Even with the best laid plans, projects almost always head off-track at some point. In this chapter, readers will learn about typical project roadblocks which can occur and methods to overcome the obstacles and see projects through to completion. Episode 441

Chapter Nine – Conclusion: To close out the project management cycle, we cover best practices for wrapping up a project to maximize success on future projects. A recap of artifacts and tools covered in the book is also included as is a final encouragement to work at projects “with all your heart”! Episode 444