418 – With All Your Heart: Ch 3

This week on WELSTech we roll up our sleeves and start project planning as we discuss the latest chapter of With All Your Heart, the WELSTech book on project management. Pastor Caleb Bassett gives us insight into the work of the WELS Hymnal Project, and we share a resource for reaching out to new residents of your community.

The interview:

calebBassett145x125Hymnal Project Planning – Pastor Caleb Bassett from St. Stephen in Fallbrook, CA serves as the chairman of the WELS Hymnal Project Technology Committee. He recently talked with Martin and Sallie about the tech tools adopted to support the work of the large, geo-graphically diverse committee membership.

The discussion:

Project Planning – This week Martin and Sallie discuss chapter 3 of With All Your Heart, the WELSTech book on project management for churches, Christian schools and other faith-based organizations. We examine a great Biblical example of project planning from the book of Nehemiah and share tips and tools for starting a project with that example in mind.

News in tech:

OneDrive Storage Plans Change

WELS now:

WELS Worship Helps

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

New Mover Church PostcardsSample from Grace, Kenai, AK

Featured video:

Long time WELSTech listener and contributor Perry Lund pointed us to our latest addition to the WELSTech Presentation/Teaching Playlist, Office 365 Admin Updates. Check out more on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube Channel.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 419 – Tune in for a show full of all your great community feedback! Join us Tuesday, November 17 at 4 pm Central. welstechlive.wels.net

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