441 – Troubleshooting

WELSTech is back with ideas for overcoming project obstacles when they arise as well as an interview with members of the project team behind the successful Academia Cristo outreach efforts in Latin America. There’s an exciting announcement regarding WELSTech’s availability on a brand new platform plus ideas for using the new Facebook Live feature in your church setting. All this, and a birthday celebration, WELSTech-style!

The discussion and interview:

ch8145x125Troubleshooting – In Chapter 8 of With All Your Heart, WELSTech’s current book project, readers will learn about typical project roadblocks which can occur and methods to overcome the obstacles and see projects through to completion.

Missionary Mike Hartman, WELS Field Coordinator for Latin America, and Pastor Nathan Wagenknecht, Latin America Project Coordinator for WELS Multi-Language Publications, join the conversation to share their project management experience, including revising plans when needed to overcome obstacles along the way.

News in tech:

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7 Ways to Use Facebook Live This Week

Featured video:

New to the WELSTech Presentation/Teaching Playlist on YouTube is this productivity tip from David Allen – Dealing With Interruptions.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 442 – Community feedback is center stage on next week’s podcast. Share! Share!! Share!!! Release date: Wednesday, April 27

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