427 – With All Your Heart: Ch 5

Tune in to WELSTech this week for chapter five of WELSTech’s very own project management book for faith-based organizations, With All Your Heart. The focus is scheduling and the chapter includes an interview with some calendaring gurus from Kettle Moraine Luther High School. The show also includes a look at a new, multi-angle video camera and tips for starting great Bible-reading habits.

The discussion and interview:

time 371226 145x125Scheduling – Martin and Sallie are back with a {timely} discussion of chapter five of With All Your Heart, the WELSTech DIY book on project management for churches, Christian schools and other faith-based organizations. Taking a cue from Nehemiah, we share ideas to survey a project for all tasks, map dependencies and meet project milestones. The chapter includes an interview with some uber Google Calendar users from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson, WI, Joshua Schoeneck, Erin Laabs and Melanie Schoeneck.


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WELSTech Photo Challenge for January 2016

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7 Days to Your New Bible Habit

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New to the WELSTech Product Demo playlist on YouTube is this overview of the FollowUpThen e-mail reminder service.

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Episode 428 – On location at MLC … Martin and Sallie talk with Dr. Jim Grunwald and Prof. James Carlovsky about MLC’s “Teaching with Tech” training. Release date: Thursday, January 21 (A day late, but worth the wait!)

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