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582 – The Best of 2018

A new year has arrived, but before we dive into our tech-in-ministry future, Martin and Sallie take a look back at the ministry resources, interviews, and picks that stood out in 2018.

2018 was the year WELSTech returned to its roots as an audio-only podcast. It was also the year Martin’s phone bought us donuts. Besides those memorable events, these were the standouts for Martin and Sallie …

Favorite ministry resources:

All 2018 Ministry Resources

Favorite interviews:

All 2018 Interviews

Picks of the year:

All 2018 Picks

Featured video:

The celebration of Christmas continues with the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Christmas Concert.

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Episode 583 – Join us for a celebration of WELSTech’s 11th anniversary. Release date: Wednesday, January 9.

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