576 – Et tu, Brute?

Tune in to WELSTech for a special interview with Northern Wisconsin District President Joel Zank about the newly rebooted Call System used to prepare candidate lists for open called positions. Martin has night vision and Sallie is driving through early church history. All that while giving thanks with a smile.


The interview and discussion:

Technology and the COP – WELS Conference of Presidents (COP) is made up of Presidents from each of WELS 12 districts. Pastor Joel Zank from Mt. Olive in Appleton, WI serves as the President of the Northern Wisconsin District. Recently he and others worked closely with our Technology team to implement a major rewrite of the Call System used by the COP to search for candidates to fill called positions.

News in tech:

Google Gives the Pixel Camera Superhuman Night Vision

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364 Days of Thanksgiving resources

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Amazon Smile

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Now Thank We All Our God, a video with music notation from Koiné Worship Media, added to the WELSTech Music Playlist.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 577 – Professor Rachel Feld returns to the guest host chair, and we return to this season’s edtech book discussion of Faithfully Connected. We’ll look at chapter 3 – Digital Communication.  Release date: Wednesday, November 28.

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