577 – Share Your Gifts

On WELSTech this week, we welcome guest host Prof. Rachel Feld and talk about letting our lights shine online, and teaching our children to do the same, in the digital communication that we share. Martin Luther College has a new devotion booklet and all the higher education schools have Christmas concerts available via live stream starting this weekend. An added bonus – we cozy up the (virtual) fireplace!

The discussion:

Digital footprints – We welcome back Martin Luther College’s Rachel Feld, Director of Academic Computing and Online Learning, to discuss the third installment of our edtech book discussion of Faithfully Connected: Integrating Biblical Principles in a Digital World by Ben Boche and Jake Hollatz (available from Concordia Publishing House and Amazon). The chapter is titled “Digital Communication” and addresses the guidance we can give young people to understand the permanency of posting on the Internet and how our digital footprints can and should reflect our Christian beliefs.

News in tech:

Share Your Gifts – Apple Commercial

WELS now:

Live streaming Christmas concerts

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Ministry resource:

Martin Luther College devotion booklet – The Names of Jesus

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What’s better than a cozy fire and Koiné Christmas music? Enjoy both in this Christmas Song Playlist of 2 Hours of Christmas Hymns from Koiné.

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Episode 578 – Next week we’ll share the mobile apps we were willing to pay for, and whether we think it was money well spent. Release date: Wednesday, December 5.

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