549 – Seminary Student: Jason Zuehlke

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Jason Zuehlke joins WELSTech to talk about his thesis on reaching those who make up the Millennial Generation with the Gospel. We also get an update from Pastor Brock Groth on his UnderstandChristianity.com project and some exciting new content.

The interview & discussion:

Make new friends – Martin and Sallie continue a series of interviews of senior students at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. This week, Jason Zuehlke shares details of his research and senior thesis titled Evangelizing Millennials: Studying Millennials to Understand How Relationships through Friendship Evangelism are the Best Way to Bring the Gospel to Their Culture.

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Partners in AI – Microsoft Build: Cortana + Alexa Demo.

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Episode 550 – Wrapping up the Seminary Senior series, Martin and Sallie talk with Julius Buelow about his research into the effects of Bible software usage on seminary students. Release date: Wednesday, May 23.

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