550 – Seminary Student: Julius Buelow

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Julius Buelow joins this episode of WELSTech to talk about his thesis on the benefits or distractions that technology brings to the table for a seminarian. Martin announces the launch of the new WELS App, and Sallie bids farewell to WELSTech Studio West.

The interview & discussion:

Deep thinking – As we prepare to celebrate Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary graduation later this week, Martin and Sallie conclude the senior seminarian interview series by talking with Julius Buelow about his thesis, Biblical Text Messages: The Effect of Bible Software on Seminary Students.

WELS now:

  • WELS Education, Technology & Leadership Summit call for presenters closes May 31
  • Tune in for graduation events at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
    • May 24 – Call Service at 10 am & Commencement Concert at 7 pm
    • May 25 – Graduation at 10 am
  • List your skills and find skilled workers on the WELSTech Skills site

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WELS App Launches

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Enjoy the MCL Graduation recap video, He Called Some to Be.

Celebrate our Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary with this beautiful flyover footage.

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Episode 551 – Jason Schmidt wraps up our edtech school year of shows with a look at creative end-of-year activities. Release date: Wednesday, May 30.

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