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Getting Into Vlogging – Part 2

In Part One of the series on vlogging I shared a recommendation for a camera: the Sony ZV-1. Obviously this is the centerpiece of any vlogging configuration. Getting good clear video is important. However, a great case could be made that the audio of a vlog is of equal importance…perhaps even more important. Viewers will […]

Getting Into Vlogging – Part 1

Vlogging is the act of creating and adding content to a “vlog” or “video blog” (think YouTube). Vlogging a term often used by content creators on YouTube, or “YouTubers” when talking about their craft. The advent of good quality video cameras on phones, like the iPhone, has launched a generation of videographers eager to use […]

581 – An Interview with Eric Roecker

Merry Christmas to the WELSTech Community! Enjoy this week’s podcast as our tech-in-ministry gift to you. The interview: Pastor Eric Roecker, recently called to serve as Administrator of WELS Evangelism, chats with Martin and Sallie about his new responsibilities and the evangelism resources which are being planned. WELS.net > Serving You > Evangelism WELSCongregationalServices.net Ministering […]

580 – Your World, Organized

Winter arrives this week, but on WELSTech we are dreaming of summer because that’s when WELS Education, Technology, and Leadership Summit is happening. This week we talk with presenter Perry Lund about his topic – tools for organization, collaboration, and communication in school and church. And Christmas videos abound as the date draws near! The […]

579 – Christmas Communication

WELSTech is back and loaded with Christmas joy for sharing with the world. Tune in for ideas and content to post on your website and via social media. Details on texting the good news are the focus of this week’s interview. Plus, the video of the week has a story of tech-in-ministry opening amazing doors […]

578 – Apps Worth Your Money

Buckle up for a link-palooza of paid mobile apps on WELSTech this week! Plus, there’s lots of news in tech, streaming Christmas concerts, an interesting “children in worship” article series, and a WELSTech-er in video as well. The discussion: The survey says – Martin and Sallie, along with several members of the WELSTech Community, share […]

576 – Et tu, Brute?

Tune in to WELSTech for a special interview with Northern Wisconsin District President Joel Zank about the newly rebooted Call System used to prepare candidate lists for open called positions. Martin has night vision and Sallie is driving through early church history. All that while giving thanks with a smile.   The interview and discussion: […]

575 – Encouraging Emails

On WELSTech we’re excited about next summer’s EdTechLead Summit, and today listeners will hear from a sectional speaker and learn more about what to expect at the event, so they can get excited too. There’s news from Flickr that may be concerning to some, plus Martin offers Amazon support for a much-desired feature. The interview […]

574 – Harnessing Technology

Martin leads the WELSTech discussion this week with a look the Christian’s two-sided use of technology. Image-centric picks of the week are made just in time, the WELSTech Community has been a busy place, and Apple is stepping up to raise awareness about screen time. The discussion: Harnessing the Power of Technology … Before it […]

572 – The Myth of Neutral Technology

The WELSTech lineup this week includes an interesting preview of EdTechLead19 from presenter, Dr. Gary Locklair, news about the Gospel Outreach with Media online conference, happening now, and much ado about screen captures! The interview and discussion: EdTechLead19 Speaker – Dr. Gary Locklair, Chair of Computer Science at Concordia University Wisconsin, shares a preview of […]