Worship Visuals featuring and interview with Corissa Nelson, Digital Artist

712 – Worship Visuals

WELSTech is back with a discussion of screen design for worship. Digital artist, Corissa Nelson, joins the conversation to share ideas for getting started designing for screens. AI continues to dominate tech news, and more ideas for church usage are being shared as well. Sallie is excited for home automation, and Martin is reading wisely. Finally, Barna weighs in with a study on Christian’s perceptions of AI usage in church settings.

Worship Visuals featuring and interview with Corissa Nelson, Digital ArtistThe discussion & interview

Aspire to keep it simple – Martin and Sallie are joined by Corissa Nelson, Digital Artist. The topic is worship screens, and Corissa’s advice covers everything from fonts and backgrounds to goals and tools. Corissa is the designer behind many of the graphics in WELS Congregational Services Foundation series for worship planning. Her work can be viewed at corissanelsonart.com.

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Rachel and Jason are back to talk more about our edtech book feature, The AI Classroom.

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