591 – Digital Side Doors

WELSTech is opening doors – digital side doors to church – this week. Listen for ideas about digital places and ways for people to get acquainted with your church before walking through the front door. Martin taught Alexa to read the Bible in three years, your sci-fi phone of the future is coming soon, and Koiné Worship Media has resources for Lent and Easter. All this, and more on today’s show!

The interview:

Making connections – Pastor Peter Hagen, from Resurrection in Maumee, OH and the podcast Raised With Jesus, shares his ideas regarding “digital side doors” to church, connecting physical and digital church activities with the ultimate goal of connecting people to God’s Word.

News in tech:

Foldable Phones from Samsung and Huawei

WELS now:

Listen to WELS Through My Bible in Three Years on Alexa

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

Koiné Worship Media

Community feedback:

Featured video:

We begin the season of Lent with Koiné Worship Media’s He Stood Before the Court – with musical notation. Register for a free account and download Lent and Easter worship resources.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 592 – Learn how to build a church intranet with Trello.  Release date: Wednesday, March 13.

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