623 – Taking Family Devotions Online

We’ve got a packed show this week on WELSTech. Our lead-off discussion covers ideas for family Bible study from a distance. We learn about the amazing plans for the upcoming Bread for Beggars Festival, and we discuss the hottest topic of the week, the coronavirus, specifically planning for the unknown in your church and school. There’s also picks of the week, audio/video planning resources, and free Bible images to round out the discussion. Don’t delay … Press play!

The discussion:

Family Bible study from a distance – Martin and Sallie share ideas for gathering your spread out family around God’s Word using technology to bridge the distance. They cover everything from finding materials for Bible study to tech tools for connecting to blessings and challenges they’ve encountered in the process.

The interview:

Upcoming Festival – Pastor Mark Parsons, who serves at Faith in Fond du Lac, WI and is the chief content creator for Bread for Beggars, shares details about the first ever Bread for Beggars Festival, happening June 11-13 in Fond du Lac. Festival attendees will leave full of the feast on God’s Word through sight, song, and story. Registration is open for the full festival (cost $195), or you can attend the Free Friday Night events.

News in tech:

Preparing for the coronavirus in …

WELS now:

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

Worship the Lord series on Audio, Acoustics, and Video in the Worship Setting

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Community feedback:


Featured videos/online course:

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Next time:

Professor Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College brings edtech to the discussion.

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