628 – Bible 100

Way back in January we announced the 2020 WELSTech theme of Bible Study. And then … our world changed in response to a global pandemic. Worship and Bible Study became almost entirely dependent on technology. Today we talk with a pastor podcaster who had the platform in place to share God’s Word effectively in the midst of this crisis. We also celebrate MLC Day and share a plethora of news, picks and resources to assist you.

The interview and discussion:

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on UnsplashPodcasting experience – Pastor Peter Hagen serves Resurrection in Maumee, OH and is the voice behind the Raised with Jesus podcast. WELSTech listeners will also remember him from episode 591, where he introduced us to the idea of Digital Side Doors. Today he joins Martin and Sallie to share his “Bible 100” podcasting series experience.

News in tech:

iOS COVID-19 Contact Tracing

WELS now:

  • MLC Day – May 6, 2020 – #mlcday20
    • A special shout out to Senior Karissa Nolte!
  • Martin Luther College (virtual) Graduation and Call Day – May 16 beginning at 10 am
  • Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (virtual) Graduation and Call Day – May 21 beginning at 10 am
  • Join the Northwestern Publishing House Ascension virtual choir

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

WELS Family Devotions

Community feedback:

Featured videos/online course:

Listen (again) to our favorite song from Martin Luther College – I Will Rise

Next time:

Rachel Feld co-hosts the last of our edtech shows for the 2019-2020 school year as we look ahead teacher’s (pandemic) summer.

Get involved:

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