590 – Digital Etiquette

It’s edtech week on WELSTech, and Professor Rachel Feld is on hand to discuss the next chapter of our season-long book discussion, Faithfully Connected. Martin has new wearable tech, and Rachel shares pins for Lent. Plus, find out who’s up for celebrating the National Day of Unplugging.

The interview:

Mind your manners –  Martin Luther College Professor Rachel Feld joins our edtech book discussion of Faithfully Connected, chapter 5 – Digital Etiquette.

News in tech:

National Day of Unplugging

WELS now:

Serving those who serve

Picks of the week:

Ministry Pinterest resource:

Check out Rachel’s Bible Lessons for Lent board

Community feedback:

Featured video:

Pastor Jeremy Mattek talks about how Grow in Grace has touched his ministry.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 591 – Pastor Peter Hagen shares his ideas regarding digital side doors to church.  Release date: Wednesday, March 6.

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