527 – An Example: Planning with Trello

Friends of WELSTech should be no stranger to Trello by now. It is one of our favorite project management tools. Today Martin and Sallie walk through a likely scenario of how this powerful web application could change the way you plan and execute projects. Even if you don’t use Trello, there is plenty of great conversation about arranging meetings, versatile mice, tablets, and an impressive response from Google to a very important question!

The discussion:

Working the plan – Martin and Sallie pick up with part 2 of the discussion of sample ministry event planning Trello board by demonstrating the many features which can help you track your ministry tasks on Trello. They cover due dates, checklists, images, labels, attachments, filters and more!

News in tech:

Docs.com is going away on December 15

WELS now:

  • End of year giving to WELS ministries
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Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:


Community feedback:

  • From Christ Our Savior in Rockford, MI, we discovered “Ok Google … How do I get to heaven?”
  • Kevin Smith from Christ in Zumbrota, MN asks about setting up transferrable Trello accounts for church council members.

Featured video:

Enjoy a Christmas addition to the WELSTech Music playlist on YouTube, Koine’s Mary Did You Know.

 Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 528 – WELSTech brings you a special episode for Christmas week featuring an interview with newly installed WELS Director of Discipleship, Rev. Donn Dobberstein. Release date: Wednesday, December 20.

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