356 – Policies R Us

WELSTech is back with the continuation of the summer WELSTech Wiki migration series. Listen for examples of policies for church and school, helpful mobile apps, and Martin’s how-to on Facebook, of all places.

The discussion:

planningPolicy145x125No Pillows Allowed – Planning and policy may not be the most exciting topics, but you won’t want to sleep through Martin and Sallie’s discussion of the various WELSTech Wiki Planning and Policy resources including …

Tech tips:

  • “Train” Facebook
  • Chromebook 2014 Review – Samsung, Dell and Toshiba Deliver Lean Laptops

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

Did you know … Presenters at WELSTech Conference 2015 (wels.net/welstechconf), July 9-11, 2015 at Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Pewaukee, WI attend for FREE?!! We’re currently looking for presenters and tech topics of interest for our breakout sessions. Give it some thought and submit your ideas!

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Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 357 – We wrap up the WELSTech Wiki migration summer series and put a big bow on top next week with the discussion of school technology. (Broadcast date – 09/02/14)

Featured video:

In honor of the new school year we share an addition to the WELSTech Presentation/Teaching YouTube playlist, Kid President’s Pep Talk toTeachers and Students!


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