225 – Textbooks and Technologies

It’s education week on the WELSTech Podcast, and Gail Potratz joins the discussion on the future of textbooks.

The discussion:

Is the textbook dead? – Teacher and technology coordinator Gail Potratz from Emanuel in New London, WI is back to talk with Martin and Sallie about the variety of options for one to one computing – from laptops and netbooks to Chromebooks and iPads – and the variety of electronic textbook options available.

Ministry resources:

(20:12) Bible Audio Pronunciation – (iOS app | Lite (Free) app | Overview Video)

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

  • (30:44) Links shared in the WELSTech Diigo group this week include …
    • 101+ ways to use Interactive White Board/SMART Board
    • Adobe Education Exchange
    • Evernote for Schools – Introductory Blog Post
    • Spongelab – A Global Science Community
    • OnLive Desktop – David Pogue’s Review
    • Rover
    • Shrink O’Matic

Coming up on WELSTech:

(40:00) Episode 226 – Tune in next week for more edtech goodies as Martin and Sallie count down the 7 Best Teacher Resource Sites. (Release date – 03/07/12)

The featured artist:

(41:07) This week we close with the music of Crosswalk Lutheran Ministries – You Are My World

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