691 – And 250 Episodes Later…

Welcome back to WELSTech listeners and to a very special returning co-host, Gail Potratz. Our discussion focus of the day is school technology planning. We have an exciting announcement about (more than one) lectionary in Google Calendar as well as picks to improve your focus and to create tech plans and more, with flair. Plus, Martin is making notes all over the web – even in his digital Bible – and managing them in one place!


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The discussion

Welcome back – After a long hiatus, Gail Potratz shares hosting duties with Martin and Sallie once again. (You’ll have to tune in to WELSTech Episode 443 from May 2016 for Gail’s last appearance.) Gail’s insights related to Educational Technology have only gotten better with time, and today she shares ideas around the importance of creating and updating formal School Technology Plans.

Check out the WELSTech Wiki for sample Tech Plans and templates to create your own. Add yours to the mix!

Ministry resource

Google Calendar Lectionary is back and expanded! Subscribe to the calendars for …

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