082 – It’s A Small WELS After All

This week the WELSTech podcast includes more discussion of the book Here Comes Everybody as well as an interview with a software consultant from ProCare Software.

The discussion:

Bonding and Bridging – Martin and Sallie revisit Clay Shirky’s book, Here Comes Everybody, and discuss chapter 9, “Fitting Our Tools to a Small World”.  Lessons from the chapter illustrate the potential pitfall of congregations focusing solely on closed group, insider fellowship while excluding groups, cultures and ideas outside the “network”.

The interview:

Shelley Spliethof, ProCare Software(16:00) Technology heads to daycare – Martin and Sallie talk with Shelley Spliethof, Executive Software Consultant with ProCare Software, about the information challenges daycare and preschool organizations face and how ProCare Software addresses those needs.

New Technology Showcase:

(29:40) Firefox 3.5 – The latest version of the Mozilla browser

Picks of the week:

  • (33:50) SparkleBox – A teacher’s treasure chest of free printables
  • Diigo – Social bookmarking meets the writable web

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(52:22) WELSTech2 continues:

  • Episode 083 – Join us for a summer “Picnik” of image editing tips on the latest installment of “Bonus WELSTech Goodness” (BWTG). (Release date 07/13/09)
  • Episode 084 – Joel and Jeremy from the Youth Discipleship office share a recap of the International Youth Rally as we take a look at ways we can use technology to reach out to teens. (Release date 07/15/09)

The featured artist:

(53:49) The music of WELS group Corban Creek closes this week’s podcast – We hear Psalm 13 from their CD titled “Could It be Me”

Get involved:

3 replies
  1. Sallie Draper
    Sallie Draper says:

    Jim, Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. Sorry that I didn’t give your post the full explaination that it deserved. I’m thrilled that you found our podcast!

  2. Jim Gates
    Jim Gates says:

    Just a clarification on my comments about using twitter with students. I think that there are lots of reasons why it’s a problem. From creating accounts and having to follow each other, to the notion that it’s difficult to archive. I think that there are better options, like Chatsy and Backnoise, for example, that will give your class the ability to have that backchannel experience in a safer environment. The room can be private, the conversations archived, and no email accounts are needed.

    And, I’m not one who thinks that every tool translates to the classroom. I don’t think we should be trying to find a way to make it work, for example. Not everything fits. IMHO

    Very nice quality on your audio, BTW


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