Episode 008 – Feb 27 2008

This week Martin and Sallie are joined by ShopWELS administrator Mark Robinson and discuss cost saving ideas in the area of telecommunications.

The discussion:

  • E-mail retention and privacy – In response to a listener question, Martin and Sallie share ideas and resources to assist in making e-mail retention and data privacy policy decisions.

The interview:

  • Mark RobinsonTelecommunication – Mark Robinson, WELS member and administrator of the ShopWELS program, joins Martin and Sallie to discuss cost saving ideas for congregations and schools in the area of telecommunications, both telephone and Internet.

The tidbits:

  • This week’s picks
  • WELS.net feature
    • Gospel of John online Bible study from WhatAboutJesus.com – www.wels.net/jump/johnbiblestudy
  • Happenings
    • WELS calendar of events – www.wels.net/jump/wc2008
  • Community feedback
    • del.icio.us user rafaust shared a link via the welstech tag to Doodle (www.doodle.ch), a tool for creating free online polls. One way to use it is for narrowing down a common meeting time for a group of people.
    • Pastor James Wilcox of Rapid City, SD wrote to share info on a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution he’s using called Hamachi.
    • Listener Karl Henselin wrote with a follow-up to our discussion last week about Logos Bible study software. He shared links to two other cost-effective Bible programs, E-sword and BibleGateway.com.

The featured artist:

  • WELS pianist Dawn Gehlhar plays Christ Be My Leader from her CD Inspirations

Get involved:

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