445 – Something For Everyone

WELSTech has something for everyone on this community feedback episode. Topics include social media strategy, mobile photography, Google Apps for Education, church bulletins and more! Martin and Sallie also share the latest news from TechSmith and Google, helpful tips on Excel and the Chrome browser and worship/bulletin artwork from WELS artists.

The discussion:

BuffetThe listeners speak – Martin and Sallie share recent WELSTech community feedback.

News in tech:

WELS now:

Women’s Ministry Conference – July 21-23 at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Featured video:

Learn more about the upcoming Women’s Ministry Conference in this Together video update, saved on the WELSTech “Like’s” list on Vimeo

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 446 – Jason Schmidt joins Martin and Sallie for the last edtech discussion of the school year focusing on outdoor and rainy day tech for schools (and beyond). Release date: Wednesday, May 25

Get involved:

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