658 – Dan Schmidt

On WELSTech this week we wrap up the summer “techy-Sem-theses” interview series with recent Sem graduate, Pastor Dan Schmidt, on today’s gospel ministry in a time of dramatically changing media. App and YouTube picks plus a full calendar of WELS events round out this episode.

The interview

Martin and Sallie talk with Pastor Dan Schmidt, a recent Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) graduate assigned to Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI, about his senior thesis titled Changing Media and the Changeless Message: Sharing the Gospel Through New Media. You may read the essay in the WLS Digital Library (PDF).

Picks of the week

WELS now

Community feedback

A Google inside street view discussion from WELS Intersections

Coming next on WELSTech

We kick off a new book discussion of A World Without Email by Cal Newport. Pastor Peter Hagen shared the book idea after listening to an author interview on episode 403 of the Carey Nieuwhof podcast.

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