487 – A Family Friendly Internet

Tune in to WELSTech this week for Sallie’s show and tell of a recent parent talk she led covering positive uses of the Internet for kids and families. You’ll also learn about an opportunity to host a theater showing of the new Martin Luther movie from WELS and be inspired for Lent by Martin’s ministry resource.

The discussion:

Discerning hearts – Parental (and teacher) responsibilities in the digital age are like never in history with many streams of digital media available at the fingertips of our children. Sallie shares resources from a recent presentation on Positive Uses of the Internet for Kids & Families to assist with teaching children to have discerning hearts.

News in tech:

Amazon’s massive AWS outage was caused by human error

WELS now:

Host a Screening of “A Return to Grace: Luther’s Life and Legacy”

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The newest addition on the WELSTech Product Demos YouTube playlist is MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone.

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Episode 488 – In the next installment of the WELSTech Social Media for Ministry series, we look at social photo sites Flickr & Google Photos. Release date: Wednesday, March 15.

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Common Sense Media

In today’s digital age, guiding children’s use of the many flavors of media available to them can be a daunting task. Not only are there challenges knowing enough about the many apps, websites, movies, and books, but it can sometimes be a pretty large hurdle to simply find appropriate media to consider. can help. The first few sentences of the mission of Common Sense Media give site visitors an idea of what to expect on the site.

Common Sense is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. We empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.


As the mission statement suggests, Common Sense Media is great for parents and teachers. In church and school settings, it would certainly be appropriate to share the site with anyone who has responsibilities involving children up to age 18. This includes Lutheran school teachers, but also may be helpful for those who lead after school care and Sunday school. The digital citizenship curriculum available from the site can be adopted by schools and has units for use in grades K-12.

Church and school communication can be used to encourage parents to explore the resources available on the site. For example, consider newsletter or bulletin blurbs pointing to Common Sense Media when movies of interest are released, reminding parents to consider the age recommendations and areas of concern identified in the posted movie review.

Watch this brief video tour of to learn more about the resources available on the site.

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384 – No Green, But Lots Of Media

We’re not kissing the Blarney Stone on today’s WELSTech episode. Instead you’ll get a great conversation with WELS Connection producer, Steve Boettcher, on media in the church. There’s also news on 3d printing innovations and the developing IoT plus Pinterest infographics galore!

The interview & discussion:

Steve BoettcherMedia: Friend or Foe? – Steve Boettcher, the man behind the WELS Connection camera for the past 28 years, chats with Martin about his impressions of media and its impact on the work of the church. He shares details on his latest project, a continuation of the Road to Emmaus/Come Follow Me video series which will focus on the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother, Mary. He also previews his keynote address at this summer’s WELSTech Conference 2015. Viewers will get a first-look at the new WELS studio.

Ministry resources:

Bible Study Resources for Road to Emmaus & Come Follow Me

News in tech:

3d Printing – A New Way

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WELS Blogs

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St. Patrick’s Day breaking news … we’ve discovered the rainbow’s end, and it’s at WELSTech Conference 2015! Register by April 1 to take advantage of the Early Bird price of $199.

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Episode 385 – It’s Virus Day on WELSTech as Martin and Sallie share tips for avoiding the identity and data threats which are spreading across the web. Pastor James Wilcox from Good Shepherd’s, West Allis joins the conversation with a preview of his WELSTech Conference “Smart Computer Security” session. Watch and participate on 03/24/15 @ 4 pm Central –

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New additions on the WELSTech Presentation and Teaching playlist on YouTube are the full Road to Emmaus video and the trailer for Come Follow Me


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259 – Christ In Media

WELSTech hits the road this week as Martin and Sallie interview leaders of the recent Media Outreach in World Missions Conference from the beautiful Media Arts Studio on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College!

The discussion:

Conference recap – Martin and Sallie review highlights of the Media Outreach in World Missions Conference held recently at Bethany Lutheran College. There participants from around the world joined in discussions about using technology to collaborate and produce creative content for sharing the Gospel message with all people!

Four of the conference leaders sat down with Martin and Sallie to share their thoughts on the challenges presented at the conference.

The discipleship challenge with Paul Hartman:

(8:18) Pastor Paul Hartman, director of WELS Multi-Language Publications, has a vision for sharing God’s Word with the world which includes creative usage of technology. Pastor Hartman shares his thoughts on nurturing Christians from a distance.

The cultural challenge with John Lawrenz:

(21:25) Dr. John Lawrenz from Asia Lutheran Seminary has experienced more cultures than WELSTech listeners have experienced different versions of operating systems, and he shares his thoughts on how to bridge cultural challenges to sharing the Gospel.

Picks of the week:

The creative and technological challenges with Jas Lonnquist and Mike Klebig:

(44:45) Husband and wife team Mike Klebig and Jas Lonnquist are members of Apostles in San Jose, CA and “Godly Geeks” who were moved to action as they implemented media solutions in their own congregation and then shared those solutions with others. They talk with Martin and Sallie about right-brain creativity and left-brain tech solutions.

Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:12:12) Episode 260 – EdTech week on WELSTech returns with a special twist! Not only will we be joined by our semi-regular co-host Jason Schmidt and have a great interview with teacher John Dorn about using Edmodo in the classroom, but listeners can also look forward to WELSTech “going global” as Martin joins our Hangout from Hong Kong! (Release date – 10/30/12)

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(1:14:05) This week we close the podcast with the Reformation music of Koine ( | Facebook) – God’s Word Is Our Great Heritage

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