725 – Here Be Dragons

Turn up the volume for WELSTech as we talk fantasy and escapism from a Christian perspective with Silas Dose. Martin has a trackpad pick and WELSTech friend, Philip Wels has been busy at the video editing desk crafting a video that captures the joy and excitement of graduation and assignment at Martin Luther College.

Pastor-elect Silas Dose and his wife Laurel Dose

The discussion & interview

Fig leaves and pelts – Senior seminarian and now Pastor-elect Silas Dose joins Martin and Sallie to discuss his master’s thesis at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, titled Here Be Dragons: Fantasy, Escapism, and a Christian Response.

Congratulations and God’s blessings to Silas and his wife Laurel as they prepare to move and Silas prepares to serve God’s people in his assigned congregation, Hope Lutheran Church in Chino Valley and Prescott, Az.

from Here Be Dragons, Appendix, p. 44.

Dear Heavenly Father, you call us to glorify you in everything we do, and all good things point to you. With your blessing, Lord, I would enjoy this gift of fantasy as a blessing from your hand. Help me avoid irresponsibility and temptation as I venture into a world not your own, but let it still be a blessing to me as a tiny fractal of your creative majesty. Help me to escape into it, find rest, enjoying it fully. Help me to escape from it, full of wonder, returning joyfully. Amen

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Enjoy this happy WELS Together Martin Luther College Graduation recap video created by WELSTech friend, Philip Wels.

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We kick off a summer series of interviews on ministry technology usage around the world. First up, we talk with Rob Davidson from Concordia Technology Solutions (CTS), the group behind Shepherd’s Staff, Church 360°, and Christian Worship Service Builder. Join WELSTech in the good old summertime!

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